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Interview with Sean Dowdell


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After like, 6 months of talks. Sean finally could answer my questions.


Hope you like the interview guys:


What are your musical influences?

My biggest incluences were Depeche Mode, The cure, Sisters Of Mercy at the time we were playing.


What motivates you to be a musician?

I always loved music and writing songs and performing in front of crowds.


Let's talk about the past, Grey Daze. I'm a big fan, i have the Original CDs and as i'm a lot of people love the band and want to know a lot of stuff...

Apart from Sean Dowdell And His Friends and Grey Daze, which other bands you were a part of?

Chester and I had an electronic experiement that was a heavy industrial sounding project called Sac, we only did 1 demo and I have not idea where it even it, that was poretty cool. Other than that I was in a band alled Waterface after Grey Daze broke up and we were signed to EMI and put out 1 record called seven days.


Is amazing! I would like to know more about SAC. Any Artwork to share or at least the name of the Demo?

No it was really only something we did for a few months an wrote about 4 or 5 songs. We never played any shows or anything but the concept was cool.


How did you get Chester into your band "Sean Dowdell & His Friends"?

It started out as a joke and at the time we couldn't think of a name so I shouted something stupid out and it we all laughed and used it for about a year or so as the name. none of us took it very sriously, but with a voice like Chesters of course we had a following pretty quickly.


How was your relationship with Chester Bennington?

We were best friends for a long time, he was always like my little brother and I was very protective of him as my friend. I would like to think that I had a very large impact on him as a friend.


You can tell me your own Grey Daze story? The best, the most funny would be awesome.

I remember one time we played a small club and had some experimental lighting stuff on the stage and somehow in the middle of the song the motor of the lights, trapped chesters mic chord and wound it up tight. So rather than give up Chester sat indian style on the stage and sang into the ground for an entire song until we could get the mic unraveled. I know I have many more stories but that came to mind first.


Do you think that Grey Daze had projection to be a world famous band?

Yes, we had no doubt that we had the songs and the product to be a good national band. The band ripped apart right when we had serious traction and radio play etc.


Are there any unknown or unreleased demos/songs of "SD&HF" or "Grey Daze"?

I am sure that there are a couple of other demos out there, they are untitled of course


What was the biggest show Grey Daze played?

We played quite a few big shows. At the end of the band we were drawing 1500-2000 people ourselves, but the biggest show I can remember was the Super Bowl Party in Az with No Doubt and Bush. i think there were 15k people there or something like that.


Is there a possibility for some "Bucket of Weenies" shows? maybe also outside the US? Possibly, Chester and I really still love playing together and talk about it every once in a while. We are just so busy but I do think it will happen in the next couple of years.


Talking about Bucket of Weenies, bring to my mind, Club Tattoo, how borns this amazing Club ?

We started Club Tattoo in 1995 in the height of the band days with expectations to help pay our bills when we were on the road. We had no idea it would become so huge.


There will be some projects between Club Tattoo and Linkin Park in the future?

Of course, we will have them in the shop doing autograph signing in the stores and hopefully something cooler later on...

You heard the last Linkin Park Album Living Things?

Of course, I love it.


If so / What do you think about this Album, and what is your favorite Song?

I don't have a favorite, I listen to it as an album when I'm working out and different songs have different values to me.

I think that Linkin Park is the hardest working band in the world. A lot of people ask me if I am upset or jealous that Chester is doing so well or they think that I wish it was me. That couldn't be further from the truth. i am one of his biggest fans/supporters. Those guys work their asses off and were literally willing to sleep in their cars, that is why they made it. They eat and breathe writing music and deserve very ounce of success that they get and I am proud of all of them.

That's all Sean.



Greetings from Uruguay, Southamerica.

That's all folks, the inteview also was shared on my website, wretchesandkings.net


On 2011 i did an interview with Mace Beyers i think is on the forum too haha.


Greetings and Happy New Year!

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Wow, cool interview!! Thank you for sharing!! Interesting to know about ''Sac'', I don't think anyone ever heard of that before. You should have asked if some more questions about B.O.W., but it was a cool interview. Thank you for sharing.

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Bush and No Doubt shared the same stage in Arizona on March 8, 1996 (Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix) and March 21, 1996 (Tucson Convention Center, Tucson).

Not sure why any of these shows would be called "Super Bowl party" though, since Super Bowl was a little over the month earlier.

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