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Julien-K's LA Show On Livestream.com 4/27


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From the Systeme De Street email I got today:

"Hey SDS-Streetteamers,

I am happy to share some phantastic news with you tonight....

If you are not from around the Los Angeles area, but still would love to experience the bands show at the legendary "Viper Room" on April, 27 (so this Friday night), there is a chance for you to do so...

We will be streaming the whole concert live on "Livestream.com".

Here you can find the show: http://new.livestream.com/viperroom/julienk

This show that will introduce Julien-Ks new drummer Frank to our US fans will be a very intimate and cool show, so set your alarm clocks so you don't miss it...
we are also very happy that we will bring some amazing support bands including our amazing signing to Circuit Freq Records "Decode Radio".

We all know about the phenomenon of time zones - so in order for you to not miss the experience, here are some examples of when the show will be on air:

Los Angeles: 11pm / 23h on the 27th
New York: 2am / 2h the night of the 27th to the 28th.
London and UK: 7am / 7h on Saturday morning
Paris, Berlin, Budapest: 8am / 8h on Saturday morning
Moscow: 9am / 9h on Saturday morning
Hong Kong: 2pm /14h on Saturday afternoon
Tokyo: 3pm / 15h on Saturday afternoon
Sydney: 5pm / 17h on Saturday afternoon

if you are confused about this... Go to the page above - it has a countdown!!!

See you all chatting on the site on the 27th!!!


Who's going to watch? Do you think Chester will join them for a few songs? I'd say it's very likely!
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Hmm.. It was available to watch again right after the live broadcast finished. But it is not anymore.


I have ripped it, but I guess it got recorded with not the best quality, though you couldn't see much anyway during the webcast. It was one still camera.


But my recording also is not seekable for some reason, so you can't skip anything if you would want to.

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