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Linkin Park to headline Pinkpop Festival!


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Another tour date, guys! Linkin Park will be headlining the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands on May 27th. This show was announced just now at an official press conference. The festival will take place from May 26th to May 28th with other artists like Bruce Springsteen, Soundgarden, The Hives, Kasabian or The Cure playing.


LP's last show in the Netherlands happened back in 2007 when they played in Landgraaf supporting "Minutes To Midnight".


Anyone from LPL going? Who's excited to hear some more dates? We're still waiting for a statement by the band though. Thanks to everyone for the hints.


/edit: The gig has been confirmed by LP. Tickets go on sale on March 3rd at http://www.ticketservice.nl/

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My post in the russia topic:


linkin park playing pinkpop on sunday.


5 more names for pinkpop need to be confirmed in the next weeks. Radiostation 3fm in hollland leaked 3 names. The organiser of pinkpop says, 2 of them are on the list, 1 of them is off the list. (on the list, trying to get them..)Radiostation also 'leaked' fort minor playing the mainstage the same day as linkin park... I think its an mistake.. but i keep dreaming. Would be soooo awesome..

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yeah im going ofcourse!



FUN NOTE: http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/352152/Lin...pop-2012-bekend


check mainstage ;)

it says Fort Minor will be there :P THIS IS A MISTAKE OFCOURSE!!! DONT RUMOUR AROUND!!!


uhm.... wow.


Make that fort minor thing a rumour....

Just did read on a other site that Mart Smeets (founder of Pinkpop) might be still in conctact of booking with some bands like, Five Finger Death Punch and Fort Minor.


I cant say its fake NOR real.

Lets keep it as a weird rumour.

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