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Linkin Park Headlining NovaRock 2012


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LP will be headlining the annual Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria at Pannonia Fields II. The festival runs from June 8th to June 10th. They have previously played the festival twice, once in 2007 (show page here) and once last year (show page here). I believe this is the first time the band has played the same festival back-to-back years. Buy tickets here.



This show is the third to be announce for this summer and joins the previously announced Rock am Ring and Rock im Park shows the first weekend of June. The full NovaRock lineup, which includes Metallica, Marilyn Manson and Puddle Of Mudd, can be found here.


Stay tuned for more announcements about this upcoming summer tour!


What other festivals do you think LP will play this year? Or what countries would you like to see them visit this summer?

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Where is PR in the states.



I know there is a ton of countries they still need to visit... but they barely toured the US at all last cycle compared to previous years. They didn't even come close to my town like they usually do so I had to travel 200 miles to a show just to have it cancelled and not rescheduled... >_<

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Hmm i have some great news. Check that post https://twitter.com/#!/KerrangRadio/sta...115654442168320.

Sorry to put anyone's hopes down but I think they were just saying what was coming up next on the radio. The new KORN single and some Linkin Park and Slipknot after. Not NEW Linkin Park and NEW Slipknot.

Anyway this strays away from the topic of this thread...


I don't really get why they're headlining this festival again this year...but I guess it's awesome for Austrian LP fans.

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