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  1. also, I think Crawling is from Aerodrome festival in Prague, I've got a video and those vocals seems to be exactly the same
  2. I can't wait for Sharp Edges, they didn't play it in Prague this version of Crawling will always have a special place in my heart, it's hauntingly beautiful <3 also, it feels kinda wrong to type this, but we Europeans were lucky we got to see them perform songs from OML. I'm glad they'll release this .)
  3. i won't be able to listen to this or watch it without tears in my eyes ever again.
  4. i feel wrong saying this, but at first, i wanted them to disband. what else could you do? there's no replacing Chester with someone else, it just would not work and I honestly can't imagine Mike singing No More Sorrow or One Step Closer.. but now I'm not that sure that's what I'd want them to do. I will respect every decision they'll make. to be honest, I'm kinda scared of the future :/
  5. twelve hours later and I still can't believe it. it just hurts. feels like a nightmare!
  6. damn it, I wish I could hear SE live! probably my second favorite song off OML
  7. well, this is what happens when they keep us waiting that long lol! the crowd yesterday was absolutely amazing. it was like we all were singing our lungs out (I certainly was ) hopefully they'll come back soon.
  8. Ó můj bože ano! I've got no idea how long I've been waiting for this ^.^
  9. yeah, but imagine how long it would take for those shows to sell out..
  10. oh jeez, it was such a great show! i felt somewhat betrayed last year after their gig in Wroclaw but this was just flawless. i should probably also thank the crowd for creating a beautiful atmosphere )
  11. i'm going but i am not attending meet & greet. maybe next time!
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