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Wretches & Kings Remix by Scoop Deville


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To save face, how low can you go

Act like you heard but yet you don't know

I act like a murderer, Dexter with the flow

They underestimate me, I'm killin' them on the low

So get down

But you don't really have an option

Shoutin' at the top of your lungs, please stop it

My Woodstock mix with some '88 Compton

Lucy in the sky with a sawed-off shotgun

Stomp in, walking to a beat so cold

The rythm that's created when these guns unload

And no one make a move unless my people say so

Got everything outta control now everybody go

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So pretty much this is the GBC remix that was released a while ago, with a shortened intro?

It's exactly the same remix. It's pretty obvious that whoever uploaded it on Youtube just cut the intro off for whatever reason, they did a really crappy job of it.


Also, this came out way more than "a few months ago," try nearly a year: http://www.somekindofawesome.com/journal/2...usy-commit.html

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