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MTV EMA 2011 - Best Rock & Best World Stage


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This year MTV EMA 2011 Belfast,Linkin Park has been nominated in these 2 category,"Best Rock" and "Best World Stage"..

Voting are open now,so vote now guys..

Voting ends on 4th November 2011 and the show will be broadcast live on 6th November 2011..



you can vote 100 times a day!!! After voting refresh to vote again .


Let us get more votes for LP here . Spread the awareness wherever you can .

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Foo Fighters

Lady Gaga

Bruno Mars

Lady Gaga



Linkin Park

Big Bang

My Chemical Romance (If MRC or 30stm doesn't win this one its rigged)

Linkin Park (but as long as LP, MCR, 30stm, or Enrigue win this one its totally fine)

Bruno Mars

Lady Gaga (would vote 30stm but its basically a fact Lady Gaga has the most fans of that list, only artist out today with probably a bigger fan base is Eminem)

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Best Song: Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Best Live: Foo Fighters

Best Pop: Rihanna

Best New: Bruno Mars

Best Female: Adele

Best Male: Eminem

Best Hip Hop: Eminem

Best Rock: Foo Fighters

Best Video: Beyoncé - Run The World

Best Alternative: My Chemical Romance

Best World Stage: Linkin Park

Best Push: Bruno Mars

Biggest Fans: Lady Gaga

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