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13.09.2011 - Yokohama, Japan


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Looks like Yokohama falls victim to the first show to go without a pre-show post in a long time, haha!


Anyway, LP played at the Yokohama Arena on the 13th, where they've played once before in 2003 (show page here).



01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Given Up

04. New Divide

05. Faint

06. Empty Spaces

07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow

09. Jornada Del Muerto

10. Waiting For The End

11. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

12. Iridescent (Mike speaking Japanese on the bridge)

13. Numb

14. The Radiance (Live Version)

15. Breaking The Habit

16. Shadow Of The Day

17. Crawling

18. One Step Closer


19. Fallout

20. The Catalyst

21. Blackout

22. In The End

23. What I've Done

24. Bleed It Out (w/ 'No Roads Left' & 'A Place For My Head' bridge)


'Blackout' has returned!


And a video of 'No Roads Left' over 'Bleed It Out':



Thoughts on the set? Do you think 'Blackout' should be played more often? Are you enjoying 'No Roads Left'?

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I don't believe the band's going to play No Roads Left in full on this tour. Anyway, it sounds great even this way, hopefully Mike remembers lyrics next time and we're going to see fully badass performance. :)

I tought that Mike make practice with NRL lyrics during Asia tour then go back to rehearse the whole song and played as a surprise in Pensacola or maybe in the next tour

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Much better performance than first time, even though the first time was awesome. Hopefully the more times he sings this during BIO the better it will become and the more confident Mike will get. Hopefully this will lead to a full song performance before the end of the tour!

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