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31.01.2011 - Philadelphia, PA


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The last show of January and the eight show of the North American leg of the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour takes place at The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The band has played in the Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ (the neighboring town) many times in their history....all the way from 2000 to current day. Too many shows to list here! They have played the same venue back in 2002 when they headlined the very first Projekt Revolution Tour with Cypress Hill, Adema and DJ Z-Trip. The only years LP hasn't played in Philly or Camden would be in 2006, 2009 and 2010...and since those years lacked USA tours entirely, it means the band has played in the area on EVERY album touring cycle several times!


The most memorable performance in the city came in 2005 at the Live 8 show that everyone knows so well. LP only played two shows that year, both were with Jay-Z and they chose Philadelphia to play in for Live 8 for one of those shows after being personally invited by none other than Bono from U2! That show was aired on TV worldwide and most songs were released on the LPUnderground 5.0 CD. After listening to recordings of shows in the city, it's a well known fact that Chester loves playing in Philly!


Phew! With all of that said...time to cover a few things regarding this tour. The band has debuted all three of its brand new setlists (stay tuned in the next few days for a poll on your FAVORITE one) and we have confirmation that they are rotating them RANDOMLY for the first time in the band's history! So when you go to the show, it's actually impossible to know which one you'll get. Sweet! B11, B13 and C5 are the three new ones, but we don't know if they are keeping A1 or not (the only set with 'Wretches & Kings' and 'The Messenger', by the way). We'll just have to wait and see!


What do you guys think? B11 tonight? A1? Think the band will do anything about "Wisdom, Justice, & Love"...?


Who's going to the Philadelphia show? Surely lots of you are getting ready for your upcoming shows since LPLive has quite a few Northeast USA members! I heard rumors that there is heavy snow coming in after the show? M&G, anyone?



01. The Requiem

02. Faint (Savio Intro)

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. No More Sorrow

07. From The Inside

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Blackout (Barricade problems after song; many more security guards brought to the front)

11. Numb

12. The Radiance (Live Version)

13. Iridescent

14. Fallout

15. The Catalyst

16. Shadow Of The Day

17. In The End (Chester in crowd)

18. Bleed It Out (BITS & APFMH over bridge)


19. Empty Spaces

20. When They Come For Me

21. Papercut

22. Crawling

23. New Divide

24. One Step Closer



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obviously i will be there, since i was talking to you about the snow earlier haha. Reports are the snow is coming in around midnight now. Prob going to rock my old school lpu 3 shirt. Worn that to every show i've been to lol.


I'm going tomorrow! I can't wait! I honestly hope they play B13 because of FTI,& its awesome encore.

Have fun, tweet us if you can the setlist unless Mark has already spoken to yall haha





Hopefully they'll drop WJL cause of all that licensing issue shit, so they can add another song to the setlist

wishful thinking./
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Cannot freaking wait! This starts off my birthday week so I'm really psyched for this. I can't imagine how anxious I'd be if I hadn't seen them in NYC back in September. I'm seeing them again Friday at the garden so this will be the first time I've seen them multiple times on the same tour (5th and 6th shows) I'm also going to the M&G tomorrow so I'll try to keep everyone updated on anything interesting. I'm not sure what time everything goes down so I'll have to wait for the morning of email from the LPU. Should be an awesome night, especially since I'll be ringing my 21st in at midnight.

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At this point I'll take A1 as a setlist since it has Wretches and Messenger! :D And Bleed It Out w/ BITS and APFMH closes that baby and the crowd just EXPLODES!


I was really bummed I saw A1 three times initially but now I'm really glad since that's my favorite set, actually now over B11 which I liked a lot the other day. Requiem into Wretches to open can't be beaten in my opinion. I saw BITS and Blackout at soundcheck so I'll take my A1 any day ;)


B11 opens weirdly in my opinion w/ the big gap between Requiem and New Divide...B13 is ok but ND before OSC is oddly placed.....and C5 has a WEIRD encore :P


Have fun, tweet us if you can the setlist unless Mark has already spoken to yall haha

We stepped it up this tour and are getting the full setlists at like 5pm before the show even starts! ;) All part of the LPLive 2011 Stimulus Package! /obamacare LOL

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I'm going to the 2/4 and 2/11 shows, good to hear that they're randomly rotating setlists. Definitely looking forward to both show and hopefully the weather won't have an effect on either of them.


In regard to WJ&L, I kind of hope they drop it altogether- serves no purpose, in my opinion... now especially with this new development.

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I just hope Philly and NYC don't have the same setlist. They have Boston in between shows and a big 3 day layover between Boston and NYC so I hope they keep it random

I'm hoping the same for the 2/4 NYC and 2/11 Mohegan shows, actually. Though would be strangely ok if they were the same because I'm in the pit for the NYC show and in reserved seats next to the stage for the Mohegan Sun show so it'd be interesting to see from a different perspective. (Obviously not ideal, I'd love to see different material but beggars can't be choosers I guess- lol).
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We stepped it up this tour and are getting the full setlists at like 5pm before the show even starts! ;) All part of the LPLive 2011 Stimulus Package! /obamacare LOL

lol, nice!


I think it might be b13 because it went a1,b11,b13,c5,c5 so i think it goes forward and then backwards like a1, b11,b13,c5,c5,b13,b11,a1 and so on. thats just my guess

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i'm kind of bummed about WJL cause i think it's a perfect intro to Iridescent and I actually really love it by itself. It's so relaxing.


But, on the other hand, that'd be niced if they replaced it with something like wake or wake 2.0.


I'm going to the Boston show tomorrow, i'm hoping for A1 or B11.


A1: because it has W&K and The Messenger. B11: Blackout, LFY, and THAT ENCORE.




haha ok i'll stop now. i'll be happy with whatever though, honestly. it's an LP show.

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Why didn't they do this all along? Randomly picking a setlist instead of going in order is an awesome idea, knowing that they have fan sites who track down their every move. Now we still get the surprise factor. :) I like that.

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