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Noisecreep Interview w/ Chester & Mike


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Chester and Mike were featured in an interview with Noisecreep.... "A Day in the Life" by Jon Wiederhorn. There's video, and it has some cool pictures of the two as well.


A snippet of it talks about their MFR track"Not Alone":

"We had actually done a demo of that song for 'Minutes to Midnight' and just decided it wasn't as moving as 'Leave Out All the Rest,'" explained Shinoda. "'Leave Out All the Rest' had better lyrics at the time, but it was too similar. And we didn't want two songs like that on the record. And then when the opportunity came up to readdress it and include it on an album to benefit Haiti, we readdressed the lyrics with Haiti in mind and it really created a more impassioned lyrical approach. We were so moved by the things we were seeing on TV and we tried to write about that. We had something in mind. We were seeing that and we had something we wanted to say to those people so we ended up putting that in the song. And the lyrics to that ended up being 10 times better than the song."


Read the full article here. Enjoy!

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Those pictures are awesome. I like Mike's smile. And the best part of the article was when Mike explained the evolution of their lyrics. It was spot on what i thought too. There is no such thing in my opinion as a preachy song. Music is an art and is very optional. No one forces anybody to listen to music that they don't like the lyrics.

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