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'Blackout' featured on Fifa 11 soundtrack


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I dunno if this was posted earlier but I don't think so.

I just wanted to let you guys know that Blackout is featured on the new Fifa 11 soundtrack.

I'm not sure if it's the usual version, because the vocals sounded kinda quieter/muted, but the rest was just like the Blackout album version I think.

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If it's the intro I could see it in the main menu or somethin, not the screaming part.

Many sports games have music playing during the menus and at points during the games. I'm sure Blackout is being used for that purpose.


Soccer. LOL.


Its Football, obviously :D

In America, we call it soccer.

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Amazing, another reason to buy the game! I always buy the fifa games, they are awesome and now this makes it better :)


and let's not get into the football/soccer debate...although as it's actually played with the feet football makes more sense :P

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it's mosty just some censorship, it's meant to be an all ages game so i doubt EA would want to reduce their market thanks to one song with the word "fuck" in it.


from what I could tell, there aren't that many changes to actual song structure.

caught me off guard when my housemates were playing it and my ear was suddenly caught :P

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