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  1. I'm sure you've seen loads by now (the one posted on a previous page is really good!) but this is my one, I was right in front of Chester http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTXjxP5YkCw
  2. Haha, whoever filmed that must have sat right next to me! I have videos currently uploading so I will post those soon. But it really was incredible, I'm jealous of all the people who won the raffle prizes...next time I'm getting £80 worth of tickets! But I did the on stage photo, was right in front for the Q&A, acoustic session and the sound check so all is good
  3. I can imagine! lol yeh we should have spoken to each other but maybe next time!
  4. Yeh I was I did the photo on the stage thing which was cool. I thought all the guys and girls who did the jam session were brilliant, wish I had done that now! oh wow, a backstage tour with Mike I'm so jealous! I only had two raffle tickets compared to others who had like 40 so there wasn't much chance of me winning However, I had a brilliant day. When they did the acoustic bit I managed to get right in front of Chester...really pleased with myself
  5. Yeh it did end really early even though I thought the set list was packed! maybe it's cos they started relatively early but when I checked the time as we were leaving it was a bit of a shock! Had an amazing night though, that and todays summit...epic!
  6. It was cool. Nothing ground breaking, stuff we already knew about when they formed the band and why ATS is how it is etc etc. But I enjoyed it, Mike and Chester's comments were seamed together with the performances well
  7. Yeh I kinda agree. I like the futuristic vibe of the recent vids but it would be cool to have a big performance piece going on and stuff WITHOUT the effects too. However, we haven't even seen the final thing yet and I think it will be great either way!
  8. Ah well, that's such a shame! It's no wonder the chat seemed so short if he got kicked out while answering lots of them!
  9. I saw that! kind of a lame answer but that's only because they should have celebrated it very short chat though, and nothing that insightful to be honest.
  10. I used to LOVE Lostprophets, but I became bored of them musically when Liberation Transmission came out. Also, in interviews their humour could be much sometimes and it would end up just sounding cocky, especially Ian. I have no idea what has happened between Ian and Chester, because at the beginning of their careers they seemed to get on fine I thought. They were on some festivals together and stuff and from magazines I read at the time it was all good. He obviously has got his facts wrong about Sonisphere, not sure what that's all about. Just say nothing! No need for the 'he's a cock' comments! My views on this shouldn't be taken as me bashing Ian because he doesn't like Chester. In general I think you should keep feuds and arguments out of public.
  11. Amazing, another reason to buy the game! I always buy the fifa games, they are awesome and now this makes it better and let's not get into the football/soccer debate...although as it's actually played with the feet football makes more sense
  12. Wow, that was one epic read! well said Mike, I totally agree
  13. I like many different genres, I'm just not an RnB fan really.
  14. not in my opinion, usually a video is used to promote the song and then it's released. Here anyway.
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