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LPU 3.0's "Don't Stay"


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Just noticed something.


I've listened to LIT a billion times, so I know what I'm talking about on this one. Don't Stay from LIT is found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovl69ajRc7g


Ok, so now listen to the LPU 3 version after that. The bridge is edited differently! On LIT, RIGHT after the chorus Mike says "You guys ready to get up!?". On LPU 3, there's a pause and his vocal comes in after a few seconds break in the bridge. That's not that big of a difference, but yeah that's indeed something different between the 2 versions when I thought they were the exact same thing.


They cut and pasted vocals?

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i think

i video (DVD) to make it correct with respect to the video they edited it.

and the LPU 3 version is the correct one.


btw, i dont trust any one of those live tracks they all are edited too much i think. i only like live tracks before Pooch came.

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To my ears the mixing of the LPU 3 CD is a bit different to the dvd version

to me it sounds better...

The biggest difference between the mixing on the DVD and the CD is pretty much the same as it is on Road to Revolution - the CD is just mastered louder. That's a pretty standard thing with CD/DVD sets and I'm not quite sure why it's that way, other than perhaps they just assume people will turn their home theater systems up louder than their CD players, so they master the CD louder to compensate for it.


One of these days I'll A/B the 5 LPU3 songs and their DVD counterparts and see if there are any other differences.

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