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Songs from the Underground


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From LPU newsletter :


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Available at Best Buy stores Thanksgiving weekend!


As promised, we're giving LPU members the first peak at the track listing for Songs From The Underground! The CD will only be available at select Best Buy locations and features never before released versions of "Hunger Strike" (Live from Projekt Revolution 2008) – Chris Cornell featuring Chester Bennington and "My December" (Live 2008)!


1. Announcement Service Public - LPU 6.0

2. Qwerty (Studio Version) - LPU 6.0

3. And One - LPU 1.0

4. Sold My Soul To Yo Mama - LPU 4.0

5. Dedicated (Demo 1999) - LPU 2.0

6. Hunger Strike (Live from Projekt Revolution 2008) – Chris Cornell featuring Chester Bennington - NEW

7. My December (Live 2008) - NEW

8. Part of Me - LPU 1.0


Songs From The Underground available for purchase 11/28.

"Crawling" Live available on LPU too. (No ID3 tags on the mp3, clean version... it sucks!)

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For some reason this CD won't work with Exact Audio Copy (EAC) on my PC.

When I start EAC - it hangs, and after a while - CD-ROM disappears from My Computer.

While, it works fine on another my PC, and many other CDs work perfectly on my PC.


This happened each time I tried making a FLAC out of it, so I don't know WTF it is....

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