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  1. fuck , this is insane waiting ! for like 4 hours in permanent waiting .. it´s 23:26 . ( bye guys.. have fun with mike´s big annoucement good night
  2. nope ! .. i didnt hear .. and thats not they final album ! stfu :/
  3. come on Mike !! here is 21:18 .. and i have tommorow day with big "D" .. !! tell us that shit ! im so excited can´t wait another 2 hours :/ or so ..
  4. yep.. like BFMV did for example ! .. that could be epic.. and guys?? whats name of this band?? if it isnt LP or??? .. thx .. here
  5. maybe a download link for new album?? :P :P
  6. ooh.. maybe i will go.. its on my birthday xD...
  7. omg ... xD matt´s voice is amazing... they are awsum like LP .. !! epic band .. muse is rock for clever people.. they are not booring.. !
  8. ehm wat?? Muse is smaller band?? nice joke man
  9. uhm .. which hour is about to publish those exclusives in the Central Europe time ??? I would like to know, as early in the morning I must get up to school xD... thankss
  10. oh yea men wat an asweome chat.. pretty great news to me.. i want so bad video rip from Download Festival 04.. anyone remember that?? that was great show i wish they ll release it someday on BLU-Ray disc.. these rare recordings.. and.. summer sonic 06 whoa.. cool With You with orgasmic intro.. awesome
  11. I would completely replace the setlist ... All songs are played on the tour over the summer, I would give away and replacing them with other songs...sorry for my bad english
  12. 6 strings song sounds so rainy ::PP maybe something like High Voltage? love it.. cant wait !
  13. yea WIC !! but i think its video for My Suffering and tommorow is realease date of OOA in JAPAN.. they are so lucky..
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