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Xero Show Discovered?


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I was on youtube looking for the Serj Tankian song "Blue," and then I discovered a recording of him playing it with System of a Down acoustically at the Whiskey A Go Go in 1997. If I'm not mistaken Xero played with them at the Whiskey in 97, could this be that very show?? If anyone can get more info on this it would be great!!!


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Info of the SOAD show is nothing new and many of us have explored every avenue to see if Xero may have been taped but we've never found any proof that they were - at least by the same crew who taped the SOAD set.


As for that VHS on eBay, that was years ago and no reliable proof has ever surfaced that it was what it claimed to be. The setlist that circulated after was never 100% confirmed and neither the buyer nor the seller ever came forward with further info.


Sad, but I think this may be one of those shows that we'll never get even if it does actually exist.

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I know he's usually cool w answering stuff like that.

JanekZech (12:47):

Hey Mike, what can you tell us about the Xero song ?Pictureboard?? Have you ever recorded it? If so, could we LPU members download it or sth? Thanks!


mshinoda (12:48):

Pictureboard is a song. I've never seen it online


"Cool" does not really fit him, he's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :lol:

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It's more likely we'll find 100 unreleased LP live shows than this particular Xero show. Especially if the years go by, some shows just get lost after all this long time, it happened many times before. Of course it's just a matter of finding something, but if no one has it in an online list or is selling it somewhere it's almost impossible to track down.

Over the last years a LOT old shows popped up, no one would have ever expected we'll get them. You never know what's going to happen, but personally I highly doubt we'll get this one. But we know the band owns recordings of their first shows. They stated that many times. Maybe we are lucky someday and get some more.

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Read what Nick just said. We do NOT know that this show exists.

I didn't want to piss on anyone's parade, but a show like that doesn't change hands and just disappear, ya know? Especially for a 4 figure price tag.


Particularly frustrating that many of the people who claimed to have info on it back then were and still are less than trustworthy or have just plain disappeared over the years.

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Are Xero playing “Reading My Eyes”, or “Fuse” before “Rhinestone”? It’s at about 1:51 in the video.


Edit: I think they are playing “Reading My Eyes” before “Rhinestone because at 1:57, it sounds like Mark is singing “Why not give me what I came to believe”. 

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