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Heads Up About Papercut


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Just thought I'd give you all a heads up since many of you were wondering about one of the new DSP's posted the other day on the new DSP site. After a few emails back and forth with LP Download Support and eventually Pooch, 'Papercut' from Auckland, NZ night 2 has been uploaded to the DSP site. October 12, 2007 is the show date. It was initially missing from the first upload but was finally added today. I'm not sure exactly how to get it if you downloaded the show already, so I recommend that you email LP Download Support and tell them you'd like 'Papercut' from that show.


Thanks to the support staff and especially Pooch, who told me within 75 seconds of me sending him an email that he'd look into it. Sweet.

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Is there any difference between the DSP's for sale now and the ones previously offered on the LPL? Sorry, I know this was probably already covered.

Na, we never specified.


The DSP's for sale now are the exact same other than they have been renamed file-wise and possibly tagged a little differently. Weird. The only new DSP's are NZ/Australia 07. Otherwise everything we shared here is available on there.

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