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  1. amazing LPTV episode the best is, I'm in the video at 0:34 in the second row
  2. First Videos are up: When They Come For Me Jornada del Muerto / Waiting for the End Wisdom, Justice, And Love / Iridescent One Step Closer:
  3. ok, i need some sleep it's 2:38 am in the morning here in Berlin videos come later at this day
  4. sorry guys, Youtube said: Upload failed cause of an unknown problem
  5. I think the audio is good, not perfect, but good. First video will be up in a few minutes!
  6. now uploading: The Requiem/ Wretches & Kings in HD in the 3rd row... stay tuned
  7. The show was great! The stupid at this stage is, you can't see Mike or Chester when they're at the other ste off the stage I upload some HD Videos later
  8. I go to the LPU M&G in Berlin. What can I ask?
  9. At the O2 world are 10-15 doors to get in the venue. I don't know, where the fastest way is. Here is a picture of the entrance: http://www.hauraton.com/media/Referenzen/O.../O2-Arena_7.jpg The blue gate is for o2 customers.
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