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Road To Revolution Update by Mike


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But LIT had less tracks as concert. Back in these days, LP had for about 19 songs, so that fits. And now it`s like 21 (or 22).

Anyways, the staff said, that LPU 8 will not have Live tracks. So, maybe there will be somekinda third CD with the bonus things? xD

*Just my thoughts*

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The reason the set list is like it is, is to fit next to live in Texas (remember Mark Fiore saying this during the rumors) if you compare them every song will be different in some way (new intro, outro or a completely new song) although how much all of us have several versions of the PMA piano version over and over, a lot of people actually haven’t (those who where not part of LPU 6.0 or brought a DSP).


Somewhere I Belong was cut because it has no intros or outros and is an old song.


Papercut was cut for only having a basic intro and god knows how many live versions of that have been realised in some way or another - and I'm hoping this wasn't warners choice to cut rap from the show and keep it rockier.


POA was most likely cut due to maybe Mike's intros and outros (which would suck) and for it being on LIT and probably because it wasn't the most successful single. It’s a shame because I think POA was done quite well on this show.


If it was me I would have cut From The Inside and replaced it with any of those three tracks, we will hear them some way or another anyway, hopefully not on LPU8 or that would be taking the piss. I'm still hoping there will be videos of the other bands under the special features.


Anyone else noticed the on-going heavy promotion of LOATR? I think the band and Warner where surprised it didn’t do better (they where going to name the album after it and it was going to be there lead single).

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Oh well... Looks like LPU 8 will be something like that:


01. Wake 2.0 (Live at Milton Keynes)

02. Somewhere I Belong (Live at Milton Keynes)

03. Something new...

04. Something new...

05. Papercut (Live at Milton Keynes)

06. Points Of Authority (Live At Milton Keynes)


P.S. I have question. What about MK proshot on October 28?

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Unless the 4 missing tracks are made available in .VOB format and the Road to Revolution DVD literally has "INSERT MISSING SONG HERE" messages where the 4 songs are missing so the whole show will flow together perfectly if you insert the missing videos into it, I am NOT buying this product. Someone will probably get it for me for Christmas since everyone knows how much I love Linkin Park, but I'm not going to buy it myself or ask anyone for it.


Another thing that just popped into my head, will this DVD be censored like LIT was? None of the preorder information I've seen makes any note of a Parental Advisory or there being clean/explicit versions.

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Hey, it's from Mike's blog:


"POSTED BY STELIOS (about ROAD TO REVOLUTION DVD/CD) "The rest of the stuff will be made available to you, though...you'll see!" oh mike, please tell me that you dont mean that the rest of the live songs will be on the lpu8 cd! no more live songs!


M: No, the leftover live songs won't be the new LPU CD. We heard your comments about the last LPU CD needing to have more unique material, so we're trying to do that. I think this year's LPU CD will be one of the best ever. At the very least, it'll be the most unique. Here's what it won't be: live tracks, new unreleased Linkin Park album music. (insert frantic guessing game here)"


Well, sounds good!!!

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