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Into You


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'Into You' is my favourite one in the album so far.


"You'll always be the one to catch me when I fall..." - just wow~


Chester sounds really beautiful in the last chorus. The lyric feels like positive and kinda reminds me of "with you" which is my No.1 LP song all the time, I mean lyrically, "you say just look how far you've come". I'm addicted to that feeling, as if there are so many stories untold behind the song.


Certainly, the melody is fantastic! I couldn't stop listening.


'Into You' is drug!<333

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It's a really awesome song...I love it. I think the breakdown is by far the best part of the song. The lyrics are confusing...like the 1st verse is negative, then the 2nd verse and breakdown and choruses aren't. Idk.

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