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GLXS DIES: Skate Decks Available at bandmerch


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From MS.com:


The new merchandise has just been added to the "merch" page!

The (awesome) book is only $35 US. It details Glorious Excess (Born) and (Dies) from concept to completion. 128 full color pages. Foreword by Shepard Fairey.

The skate decks are $75 US, but if you buy all four, you save $25. Get the set now, before it's sold out...


Check the skate decks HERE

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I'd probably get these, but when I tried to order the last set of skate decks all I was sent was the art book and some bullshit note about not being able to send decks to Aus. Though I did get the very first Rising Tied decks.


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Bought the "Neuphoria" deck and the art book.

"neuphoria" is fucking sweet and by far my favorite. if in like, 1 or 2 months they dont sell out of "fireworks" and "oyakodon", ill grab those so i have the whole set. but im happy to just have the 2 i have.


on a side note, i saw a neuphoria print on ebay (17/25). i think it sold for $355 if i remeber correctly.

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