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#Chesterday @ Twitter


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Twitter is one of the biggest relationship websites of the world! And as probably most of you know, there have been a lot of days being celebrated on Twitter, for example: #hoppusday and #blink182day.


The website LPinside:Brasil (@lpinsidebr) is promoting the #chesterday, its objective is to have #chesterday as a Trending Topic on Twitter. And it isn't that hard to help, all you have to do is post #chesterday on your Twitter next Sunday (05/31). Let's show our favorite singer how much we love and appreciate him!


Oh, and if you can, please help us to promote this event, tell your friends about it, post it in your Facebook, MySpace or whatever... But do not forget to twit #chesterday next Sunday! We'd like this event to be a worldwidely thing, so, in case you have a Linkin Park fansite in your country, please support this idea!


In case you're wondering now "Why Chester Day and not Mike Day, Brad Day, Phoenix Day, Hahn Day, Rob Day or whatever? The answer is, Chester is the only one who uses Twitter right now. If the other guys start twitter accoutns, we'll do the same for them too. But right now, Chester is the only one who uses twitter, so, let's show him some love?

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Pretty stupid idea in my opinion.

Agreed. Why is this in newswire? It's not news at all.



lol... It's an event, dedicating a day to chaz!

Wow. You even admitted that it also falls on your birthday.


Actually, it will be on 31/05 because it is Sunday, and most of the fans are at home. I mean, not busy at school, or traveling, etc..


and its my bday too hehe

Fans can also update their twitter status from their phone...

Stupid idea. Wait till his birthday to do something like this.

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This won't work if everyone just spams #chesterday in their tweets.




I'm sure twitter's way of determining trending topics will eliminate any topics that have an unusual number of occurences based on the number of people tweeting. Any since everyone seems to be spamming #chesterday a dozen times in each tweet, I am going to bet you will not see it in trending topics.


Spam cannot be a trending topic, sorry.

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