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Rick Rubin: In The Studio


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Has anyone heard about this? While searching on LPTimes for the LPU Rob chat transcript, I came across this.


"Rick Rubin: In the Studio" book

posted by Jas, 03/16/06

Blabbermouth reports that Metallica and Linkin Park are among many other bands to be featured in the "Rick Rubin: In the Studio" book set to be released in late fall this year. Source here.


Posted Image


The description reads: "In the late fall of 2006, Rock N' Roll Books will release "Rick Rubin: In the Studio", a book focusing on the mega-producer's incredible 20-plus-year producing career. Devoted as a studio study to the making of each of Rubin's multiplatinum smashes — with bands ranging from the Beastie Boys and Run DMC to Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Cilli Peppers, Danzig to Linkin Park and Tom Petty to Metallica among many others — this book will feature interviews with band members as well as interview material with the producer himself discussing the making of each record in his wide-ranging, multi-genre catalog."


According to this site, the book isn't coming out until August 2009. Late release, huh? Wow. I wonder what he'll say about Linkin Park and what band members will be interviewed. It should be pretty cool, I might see if I can preorder it somewhere.


Any thoughts?

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Haven't heard anythin bout this, this is a 1st for me lol

Sounds realy interestin, can't wait to check it out

I wonder what rick is gonna say bout LP & vice versa :D lol

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I think that Rick doesnt cares about LP, I dont remember interviews with him talking about MTM, and they were something he just used generic answers.


So i dont expect much of this.

I really don't think LP suits Rick Rubin's liking, so i don't look forward to this.

He was their producer in just 1 record and he is particulary known of letting the bands alone or he let's them with his people but he's not THAT around. So i don't think he will say much.

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