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"Decasentry" Variations on YouTube


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Back in May this year, Mike Shinoda launched on Async Art a project a little similar to 'Ziggurats' called 'Decasentry'. The difference was that holders of the NFTs would have total control over the creation of new music and art variations using the 12 different stems created by Mike. Since its release, only 4 variations have ever been made available on the site: Stem Mix 0000, Stem Mix 1210, Stem Mix 2211 and Stem Mix 2221. The first two created by Mike himself during the auction and the latter two by the user who purchased all the stems.


Inspired by the recent 'Ziggurats' drop, we decided to take the stems and mix them ourselves to create all possible variations of 'Decasentry' so fans can enjoy them. All 81 versions are now available at our LPLive Archive YouTube channel on this playlist:




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