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"In the End" Video Passes 1 Billion Views on YouTube


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Congratulations to Linkin Park!

"In the End" has passed 1 BILLION views on YouTube as of July 2nd, 2020 and joins "Numb" as the two Linkin Park videos to have over a billion views. That's a huge accomplishment for Linkin Park, especially since both music videos were not added to YouTube until WELL after they were released! "Numb" was added in 2007 and "In the End" all the way in 2009, almost a decade after it was released.




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51 minutes ago, SasstielExperience said:

You're gonna be waiting a while lol. WID, COG, and ND (the next three closest ones) aren't even halfway there yet

I know, we’ll be old when that happens. Anyway, do we have a global count of YT views of LP songs ? It should be around 6 billions, I remember Chester saying that 

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9 hours ago, hahninator said:

I wonder why the LP YouTube was created in 2006 and In the End wasn't uploaded until 2009. It could have reached 1 billion years ago.



It was on there before that. WB pulled all of their artists' videos off Youtube during a contract dispute in 2008-2009. Everything got re-uploaded later in 2009 and started over with no views. ITE realistically hit a billion ages ago.

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