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Mike Q&A Summary 6/19/2020


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Moving right along to June 19th with Mike, here are the highlights!

Mike said check out the Kerrang piece he did talking about White Pony by the Deftones.


- "We both are celebrating 20 year anniversaries you guys. White Pony 20, Hybrid Theory 20, so cool. It's a monumental occasion, my boy Mark manages the band, which is awesome. Mark and I have known each other since we were 13 I think. Deftones was one of his favorite bands when we were in high school. Mark and I started my band, our band together. Eventually, like, he wasn't a singer, he would get like crazy ulcers and stuff from the stress of doing band stuff. Having to get on stage made him physically nauseous. Then he went into management, he's really good at a lot of stuff that has to do with music, and so he ends up managing, like basically number 2 at the management company at the company Velvet Hammer who manages System of a Down, who he loves, Alice in Chains, who he has always loved, Deftones, like talk about a dream job. Just working with bands that you love. It's stressful, managing bands is not for the faint of heart because bands will call up at three in the morning from another country and yell at you. Like, "This is falling apart, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm a sensitive artist! I'm masking it in anger and resentment" and the manager is supposed to be like, "ok I understand, it's going to be fine.""


- "You've been performing live over 20 years, do you still get nervous?" -> "I've said this before, if I do get nervous, it'll be for a TV thing or something that's live on broadcast, just because the stakes are high. Like screwing up on Saturday Night Live would suck, so that's a place where I do get a little nervous, or like on a live broadcast awards show or something like that."

- "Do you have anything to say about the live version of the song Cigarettes? Would you ever consider releasing this version? With it's outro, this song is so dope and I am sad it is rarely performed at the shows." -> "Thanks. I try to make it something special. I just feel like some things are special for those occasions, I feel like it's nice to keep some things... *interrupted by Booty Down* 


- "As I get ready to release this stuff, as I get ready to put stuff out, if you or anybody that you're friends with or whatever are dancers, even like, I have always for a few years now I have been wanting people to dance like legit dance to my shit. Because I don't dance, I can't dance. There were a couple of points where I was trying to make a video or two with hiring a dancer who is legit, like interpret the thing and dance. If you're good enough to do a short choreographed TikTok dance to any of this, that's a gold mine for my brain. Something like that that I can't do that you can do, I love it so much. Please, give me good dance videos. My TikTok is for you. You give me the videos, I will post them on my TikTok, my TikTok will be nothing but you dancing to this music. That's the magic. I don't care if it's ballet, in fact I want it to be like, hip hop and ballet."


- "In the song Fine the lyrics seem hopeful and positive towards change, why did you decide to make it a villain in the video?" -> "I felt that the lyrics in the song Fine were not intended to be literal, they were intended to be either open to interpretation or ominous. So, if you just take them literally, you think, yeah, this song is about reassurance. But if you listen to it and think, "this is being sung by a bad person", then you get a different experience. Go back and listen to Fine."


- "Hey Mike since you are a theater guy, would you ever consider making ATS: The Musical? I think ATS would be perfect." -> "I don't know. Yes.... I don't know if I would be like a good partner on something like that because I'd be so picky. That's a very precious piece of work and I feel like the guys and I would have to feel like the story or whatnot was really exceptional. Yeah, if it was a story that was exceptional. But of course somebody who is funding something like that, "well, why are you picking that record? You've got to do Hybrid Theory, the musical" and I'm like, "that would make a very weird musical." I don't know."


And he leaves us with - "we've got some fun stuff coming up in the next week or two!"




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