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Mike: CoronaJams Record & "Open Door" Single Coming Soon


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In Mike's Q&A on his stream today (May 5th), he mentioned a few things of interest:


He has chosen the winners for "Open Door" and the single will be released soon. He said, "The "Open Door" single is on the way. I chose a bunch of vocalists and wanted to put them all on the track, so it has to all be approved... the approval process is happening now. I'll have an update shortly."


Also, Mike confirmed that he will be releasing the CoronaJams that he has been working on, hinting at a digital-only release on streaming platforms.


"I think I will make a record with all of the CoronaJams. It's not going to be a big release. It has been fun and I figured you guys would want to hear them on streaming services. I will clean them up and stuff, it'll take me a minute to clean them up."

Stay tuned as we will have two new music releases from Mike coming shortly.


Other interesting tidbits from his chat include highlighting what members play other instruments really well from Linkin Park - Phoenix knows cello and violin, but is really good at playing guitar and bass...and he is taking drum lessons right now so he is the person who plays the most instruments besides Mike. He also mentioned that Rob plays piano quite well.



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