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Mike's CoronaJam - Reanimation-style demo


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He's back with another album theme instrumental demo, this time it's for "Reanimation"! I don't think he's gonna release it for free download as usual.


To be honest, this demo sounds more like LIVING THINGS/LP RECHARGE stuff instead of Reanimation. What do you guys think?




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7 hours ago, LPsMart said:

Not to excited with this one.. Sound really blend and repetitive IMO - but you can't expect him to produce a banger everyday


Thought the same thing! But Mike's hit-rate is very high though ;) I am amazed how easily he can produce good music in such short time frames.

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19 hours ago, leftshoe18 said:

This one kinda drags on forever without really going anywhere. Some cool ideas in there still and I'm sure if Mike were to actually work on the song more he'd trim a lot of the fat and make something really cool.

Yeah I liked it in the beginning, but it just went on and on. Felt too long.

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