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1998 Photoshoot


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Here's something cool: Howard Min, an LA-based photographer and film-maker, has shared on his Instagram three pictures from a photoshoot he did with Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn in 1998 at the LA River. "One of my first ever photoshoots was with @mrjoehahn and @m_shinoda of @linkinpark . Circa 1998." Replying to a follower, he stated, "i met mike shinonda a handful of times - he was a fun, chill guy. joe was a very good friend since the 7th grade :)"




Back in 1998 the duo was performing with Xero / Xero 818. Joe worked for the Urban Network Magazine as Lee Cadena's assistant and Xero contributed with artwork and three original tracks for the magazine's Rapology CDs called 'Closing', 'Drop' and 'Fiends'. 'Drop' was credited solely to Mike and Joe under the names Kenji and Artofficial respectively. Mike worked with Styles Of Beyond by creating their original logo and artwork for the group's debut album for which he also produced a version of 'Marco Polo' that was eventually left out of the album. Mike can actually be heard laughing on SOB's exclusive track for Rapology 12, 'Drop'.


That year Xero also had 'Rhinestone' featured on a Zomba! Music sampler which eventually found its way to the producers of The Crow: Stairway To Heaven. This was the first soundtrack appearance by the band!


In December 1998, they played their final show with original vocalist Mark Wakefield. The following year Chester Bennington would join the group and they would change their name to Hybrid Theory, later Linkin Park.

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