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Your LP ultimate TOP 10


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Since it’s pretty quiet in Here and there is not much to talk about I had thought that maybe it would be fun if you guys posted Here your absolute favourites of LP. It can be anything from the album, may be the live version or a demo. The only rule is that it has to be LP (Xero or Hybrid Theory as well) but not their collab/mash up or any CB/MS side work. And Please post only 10 track (i know it will be hard). Cant wait to read about your favourites. Feel free to make some comments also for the songs that you have picked and why. I still need to figure out what is my top 10 so i will post it soon. I have just thought about the topic but not about the list yet 😂 

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10. Blackout

9. Faint

8. In Pieces

7. In My Remains

6. When They Come For Me

5. Papercut

4. Until It Breaks

3. One Step Closer

2. Rebellion

1. Waiting For The End


Honorable mentions: Keys to the Kingdom, Points of Authority, Figure.09, Lost In The Echo, Final Masquerade

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In no particular order in terms of favorite. Just went by the order of when they were made.

High Voltage: I’ve always loved this song. When I was young and first discovered LP and got into looking up the more rare stuff, this was one track that I absolutely loved. Probably my favorite rapping from Mike ever. Another thing I can say about the song is that it sums up early LP (pre-HT album) the best for me in one track.

Crawling: Always has been my favorite song off of HT. The lyrics are amazing and meant a lot to me growing up because of some situations I was in. Chester’s delivery is amazing. His vocals on the album version are killer but I enjoy the demos of the song and stuff too.


Faint: Always been my favorite song off of Meteora. Me and my old best friend would always play the song all the time and it was our favorite song (this was prior to MTM). We even made a CD of every Faint we had a recording of and called it The History Of Faint. Hahaha. But anyways, the guitar and drumming is amazing. Mike delivers his classic raps. Chester delivers his classic singing and screaming. All in one song that is quick and just is full of energy. It’s so amazing. The band took the live version to the next level in 2007 with the extended outro. And when they invited fans to play in 2004 that was crazy too. Just an epic song. 

Qwerty (2006 Live Version):  Heaviest song the band has ever made IMO. This live version is amazing. Don’t really like the studio version as much compared to it. Idk what else to say but this song is just amazing. Definitely the most screamy-heavy song of LP, ever, too. I remember when it first dropped and it blew my mind. I used to work at a local now abandoned mall with my at the time best friend and we would crank the HQ rip of it over the speakers of our store that we worked at. Pissed off mall security at one point. Haha.


What We Don’t Know: Love this song. It’s a shame it didn’t make the cut on the album. It’s so emotional and I love Chester’s vocals the most here. The guitar work and synth sounds are so good. This is a very MTM era type of song and that’s why I love it so much. It’s also a more rare track that non hardcore fans wouldn’t know and I like it that way.

Given Up: Ever since I first heard a clip of this song, I was in love. 18 second scream? Holy shit. The instrumentation is punk like and I love that. Chester’s vocals are next level, even besides the scream. The lyrics are relatable to me. It was always the song I looked most forward to hearing live at any show I went to. Can’t get much better than this song.


Bleed It Out (Live Version): I do love the studio version of this song but the live version takes the cake. One with all the extenders. If I’m honest, any version of this song is awesome to me. Just love it. Has an old school LP vibe but done in a different style. The lyrics are also awesome. Kind of captures that haunted house feel that the band recorded the album in in a way. 


What I’ve Done: Always been my favorite song of all time. It has been ever since the first time that I heard the song and has remained so until this day. Chester here is why. His vocals are the best I have ever heard. His delivery is amazing. The piano really gets me. The guitar is amazing. The drumming is good. It’s all good. It has an epic feeling to it. I also love it live and always looked forward to seeing it live. I remember when the first 30 second clip of the song came out as a ringtone and I had to pretend I was going to the bathroom at school to go listen to it in the hallway. Was blown away even with that small clip. The song defined my life, I don’t think I’ll ever hear a better song in my lifetime.

Valentine’s Day: Very amazing song. Love the melody of the vocals and the melancholic vibe of the song. Chester is on fire here once again. It’s a song that is unique in the sense that it doesn’t sound like any other LP song that I have heard. It’s very alternative rock sounding, borderline ‘’emo’’. I love when the song kicks into the heavier part as well. A lot of people think this song is about the literal holiday or whatever and it’s received shit from that. But it’s actually a song about death. It uses a lot of metaphors and stuff. I figured most people would see it but you have to analyze the lyrics which many people don’t do. When I saw this song live in 2008, it was special to me. It was a perfect performance. There were a bunch of crowd surfers during it and my ex-girlfriend ended up getting kicked in the head haha. I also love the fact that it was one of the first songs written for MTM.


In Pieces: It’s a song personal to Chester. It’s an amazing song. Never gets old to me. Love the ska type vibe starting in the second verse. Love the guitar solo from Brad. Rob’s drumming is my favorite drumming from him in this song. I even told him that at the Camden 2012 summit. He told me he really always loved this song even though he didn’t get it to play it that much. The Detroit 2008 live version of this song is my favorite live version of it because of Chester’s harsh speech before it but it’s also a good performance. It’s one of those songs that didn’t always have a good performance but sometimes the band could pull it off. The singing is pretty challenging. 

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Wow it was a lot harder than I have thought. When I have started to do it I listed like 16 songs lol. SO here it is in no particular order though:

1. Part Of Me (Hybrid Theory 8 tracks demos version) - it sounds very raw for me and I love how Chester screams "cut myself free" 

2. High Voltage remix, particularly London 2001 performance. The vibe on this one is unreal. So oldschool but still fresh in the same time.

3. In The End - first song I have ever heard for them so it feels right to put it here. Lyrics are also relatable. Amazing energy live. You can't hate on this song being a fan basically.

4. With You - I love many songs from HT since it was the time when i got to know the band but whenever I hear this song i got chills plus the lyrivs are serving.

5. From The Inside - unreal song, especially live. I love live versions when Chester starts with his godlike scream. You can feel how emotional this song is. I love how Chester was showing with his hands "take everything from the inside". Ughh amazing. Video was also one of their best in their career.

6. What I've Done - iconic and legendary. What more can I say? Chester was serving vocals. The music is amazing. Probably one of their most successful songs imo. The lyrics - soo goood. I don't think there is anyone on the world that doesn't know this song. Live performances were always on point. SOunded great stripped down with only the piano as well. Literally A LEGEND.

7. Bleed It Out - always sets me in a good mood. It's so powerfull. No wonder it was always played as the encore on tours. It's so good especially live. I love how they put Sabotage and APFMH inside of the song. I remember hearing it for the first time, it constatly became one of my all time faves. When I was watching their concerts on youtube back in MTM era I remember me skipping all of the songs just to watch Bleed It Out 😂

8. Waiting For The End - especially the version from Berlin 2012 with Until It Breaks intro (I know it had this intro everywhere else but this on is the best).  So good. Sets me in a great mood as well. I love the chemistry between Mike and Chester on this one. I love to dance to it lol. 

9. In My Remains - acoustic version live. The chorus gives me constant chills. Chester's vocal in this song is out of this world I swear. I love "like an army falling one by one" so much as well. Overall amazing, breathtaking vocal performance.

10. Final Masquerade - acoustic version. This is how it should be done. It's so raw and sounds authentic. The harmony between Mike's and Chester's vocals is unreal. It sounds very authentic like that. I wish they had recorded an unplugged album at one point 😭It was always my dream back when MTV was still doing it for them to record MTV unplugged album. 


Honorable mentions: Qwerty, Papercut, By Myself, Crawling with Reanimation intro,  Given Up ❤️ , Lies Greed Misery, When The Come For Me, Rebellion, Line In The Sand, One More Light ❤️ 


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I'm going to go overkill and not only list my favorite songs but my favorite albums and touring cycles as well as my favorite tours within those cycles as well as my top 10 shows.

Favorite Songs:

01. What I've Done 

02. Breaking The Habit

03. Nobody Can Save Me

04. Papercut

05. The Catalyst

06. Roads Untraveled

07. Wastelands

08. Given Up

09. From The Inside

10. Waiting For The End / Burning In The Skies / Talking To Myself (TIE)


Favorite Albums:

01. A Thousand Suns

02. Minutes To Midnight

03. One More Light

04. Meteora

05. Hybrid Theory

06. Living Things (Used to be my least favorite, but Mike's tour gave me more respect for the songs, such as Roads Untraveled, Until It Breaks, and Castle Of Glass)

07. The Hunting Party (Even though it's my least favorite, it's still not a BAD album, I just like the other ones more)


As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of LP's experimental side. Meteora is better than Hybrid Theory IMO. 


Favorite Touring Cycles:

01. Meteora era (2003-2006)

02. Hybrid Theory era (2000-2002)

03. Minutes To Midnight era (2007-2009)

04. A Thousand Suns era (2010-2011)

05. One More Light era (2017) 

06. Living Things era (2012-2013)

07. The Hunting Party era (2014-2015)


Favorite tours:

01. Projekt Revolution 2004

02. Summer Sanitarium 2003

03. Ozzfest 2001

04. Projekt Revolution 2007

05. US To Europe Tour

06. One More Light European Tour

07. Minutes To Midnight European Tour 2007

08. Minutes To Midnight European Tour 2008

09. A Thousand Suns European Tour 2010

10. Projekt Revolution 2002


Favorite Shows:

01. 2004/08/10 Bristow, VA, Projekt Revolution 2004

02. 2001/06/02 Nurnberg, GER, Rock Im Park 2001 Night Show

03. 2017/07/04 London, ENG, One More Night In London 

04. 2007/06/01 Adenau, GER, Rock Am Ring 2007

05. 2013/08/10 Chiba, JP,  Summer Sonic 2013

06. 2003/08/09 Los Angeles, CA, Summer Sanitarium 2003

07. 2003/08/10 San Francisco, CA, Summer Sanitarium 2003

08. 2008/06/27 Berlin, GER, Projekt Revolution Europe 2008

09. 2012/08/17 Camden, NJ, Honda Civic Tour 2012

10. 2014/08/12 Charlotte, NC, Carnivores Tour (my first show so I'm biased lol)

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21 minutes ago, sordomuda said:

Oh wow you snapped. Thanks for your posts everyone. I thought this topic would flop. I was thinking about Favourite Albums topic as well though but I thought it would be too hard for me 😂


LOL you said ultimate. so I did everything LP I could think of lol. took me 20 minutes to type

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1 minute ago, xxHybridXeroxx said:

LOL you said ultimate. so I did everything LP I could think of lol. took me 20 minutes to type


Sorry i havent precised it maybe. I had in mind only songs not albums and tour but I dont mind you can write anything you want even favourite album cover 😂😂😂 this topic was meant to make some fun Here. 

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Hell, I’ll do a HybridXero style list too. Won’t list songs since I already did that.


Favorite Albums

1. MTM

2. HT

3. Meteora


Can’t rank anything after the first 3 cuz I don’t really care. Sorry.


Touring Cycles


1. Meteora

2. MTM

3. HT


Favorite Tours


1. PR04

2. PR07

3. MTM Europe 2008 Summer Tour

4. PR08

5. Summer Sanitarium 2003

6. Ozzfest 2001

7. Union Underground Tour 2000

8. P.O.D. Tour 2000

9. MTM Winter US Tour 2008

10. PR03


Favorite Shows


1. Mountain View 2004

2. Auburn 2007

3. Sendai 2006

4. Tokyo 2006

5. Orlando 2000

6. Hollywood 10/31/2000

7. Rapid City 2003

8. Camden 2008

9. Somerset 2004

10. George 2001

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top 10 in order:

01 With You

02 Blackout

03 One More Light

04 Final Masquerade

05 Breking The Habit

06 Catalyst

07 The Little Things Give You Away

08 Given Up

09 Across The Line

10 Qwerty


Honorable mentions: High Voltage, White Noise, No Roads Left

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Damn the “no collab” rule makes it hard cuz Reanimation and Hunting Party are two of my favorite projects (and OML was pretty much all collabs in terms of writing/production) but lemme try!


10. Place For My Head

9. In Pieces

8. Nobody’s Listening 

7. The Messenger

6. Lost In The Echo

5. A Line In The Sand

4. Bleed It Out

3. Faint

2. Waiting For The End

1. Crawling

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7 hours ago, OKCrew said:

Damn the “no collab” rule makes it hard cuz Reanimation and Hunting Party are two of my favorite projects (and OML was pretty much all collabs in terms of writing/production) but lemme try!


10. Place For My Head

9. In Pieces

8. Nobody’s Listening 

7. The Messenger

6. Lost In The Echo

5. A Line In The Sand

4. Bleed It Out

3. Faint

2. Waiting For The End

1. Crawling

You can use THP or OML I think. I think they meant like no remixes or side projects stuff, like Cross Off for example.

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5 hours ago, Garret said:

You can use THP or OML I think. I think they meant like no remixes or side projects stuff, like Cross Off for example.

Yes exactly i have meant collabs outside the albums lol like Busta Rhymes etc (who would have picked we made it anyway 🤣

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On 12/13/2019 at 1:52 PM, sordomuda said:

Yes exactly i have meant collabs outside the albums lol like Busta Rhymes etc (who would have picked we made it anyway 🤣


That's good to know and I'm still gonna update the list at some point, but Busta joining LP on stage those few times during his short Projekt Revolution stint for the live version of We Made It was pretty exciting, and in that dynamic, one could argue it's "LP featuring Busta" cuz it's him joining their set, but I digress. BRB gonna listen to the Jones Beach 07/22/08 performance cuz it gets me pumped!!

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