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'World's On Fire' Music Video Out Now!


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After  a few more month's work, the music video for 'World's On Fire' is finally here!



Mike shared the following message about the video on social media:


"I’ve never taken an animated project from beginning to end. This video, for ‘World’s On Fire,’ seemed to arrive in my head w/ a full story, setting, & characters all at once, & I couldn’t ignore it. Please enjoy it, & don’t forget to share it with friends"


Mike originally announced the animated music video for 'World's On Fire' at the start of July, when a short preview of it was shown at the Crunchyroll Industry Panel for Anime Expo. Mike has ventured into animated media before ('Breaking The Habit,' for example), but this is the largest project of the sort he's undertaken in awhile!


What do you think of the video? There's only one song on Post Traumatic (barring the bonus tracks) left to get a music video: 'Hold It Together.' We'll keep you updated on when that video is on its way. Mike's Post Traumatic Asia Tour continues tomorrow in Manilla, Philippines. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news on Mike and Linkin Park.

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