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2019.09.04 - Jakarta, Indonesia


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The end of the Post Traumatic Tour is barrelling through with the second of four shows, the next being Mike's big return to Indonesia with a show in Jakarta at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran!


Mike and the boys kicked off the tour in a big way in Taipei, Taiwan a few days ago, delivering a pretty safe but nonetheless powerful set. Mike and the band are sounding better than ever after a few months rest! 'Petrified' brought the show to an electrifying start, with 'Make It Up As I Go' and 'When They Come For Me' following suit. The set featured many Post Traumatic Tour staples, with Post Traumatic tracks like 'Ghosts' and 'World's On Fire' as well as many Linkin Park classics, such as 'Roads Untraveled' and even a piano version of 'Numb.' Like any Mike Shinoda set, however, there were plenty of surprises to be had.


The first surprise came during the extended bridge of 'Sorry For Now,' where, after Dan's drum solo, Mike rapped verse one of the Meteora deep cut 'Nobody's Listening' - making it the second time Mike has performed the verse on tour (the first being earlier this year in Ludwigsburg, Germany) and the first time since Zurich, Switzerland that Mike rapped a verse over the bridge of the song. The next surprise was more so in the form of new information: before 'Castle Of Glass,' Mike revealed that the song was worked on pretty extensively as a demo during the A Thousand Suns sessions, but was held onto because the track didn't quite fit the album. He even gave LPLive a mention! 'Watching As I Fall' made a special appearance after being played on and off throughout the whole tour, and 'World's On Fire' was performed without 'Robot Boy' preceding it for the first time since the very end of the Outbreak Tour in Silver Springs, Maryland.


One of the best moments of the show came in the form of a special appearance from Don Broco - the opening band on this leg of the tour and many prior legs before - during the LP favorite 'A Place For My Head,' closing the main set. Even if we didn't see any live debuts or tour debuts, Mike definitely treated fans in Taiwan to a great set!



Check out this awesome performance of 'Sorry For Now' from Taipei, featuring a drum solo from Dan Mayo and a rare 'Nobody's Listening' verse!


It's been about 8 years since Mike was last in Indonesia - towards the end of the A Thousand Suns tour in 2011. The set featured many ATS goodies such as 'The Requiem,' 'Iridescent,' and 'Blackout,' while also featuring plenty of classic LP tracks like 'Given Up' and 'Shadow Of The Day.' Prior to that, the band had only visited Indonesia once before: in 2004, on the Meteora World Tour. This show saw the band take a stand, as many artists were cancelling there shows in Indonesia at the time due to warnings from the United States government. Linkin Park continued to Indonesia, though, as at the time, the country stood as the band's biggest market in Asia. To ensure the safety of the fans leaving the show, the band started their show at 4:00pm. 



Watch Linkin Park perform 'Numb' live in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011!


Most of the time, the first show of the tour is pretty safe - which means the training wheels might be coming off in Jakarta. While it is a fairly short tour, Mike Shinoda is a very unpredictable man. Considering it's the end of the Post Traumatic Tour, this may be the last chance for these Post Traumatic songs to get their live debut: 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' 'Brooding,' 'Promises I Can't Keep,' 'Can't Hear You Now,' and 'What The Worlds Meant' have all yet to make a proper debut.


Other Post Traumatic songs, like 'Hold It Together,' 'I.O.U.,' and 'Lift Off' are also on the table (maybe even a very rare performance of 'Place To Start' is a possibility). There are endless Fort Minor and Linkin Park goodies that could be added to the sets, as well: 'Cigarettes,' 'Kenji,' 'Invisible,' and 'Nobody Can Save Me' are just a few of the options. Maybe we'll even finally see 'No Roads Left' appear in some format. Only time will tell! In the mean time, feel free to comment what songs you want to see Mike play in these last few shows!


Who's going to the show? After this show, Mike has two more to go before wrapping up the Post Traumatic Tour for good - one headlining show in the Philippines and a festival appearance in Japan. In other news, Mike will be releasing the music video for 'World's On Fire' on September 5 - between this show and the next - so stay tuned for the premiere of the animated video! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news on Mike and Linkin Park.


Check out the rest of Mike's 2019 touring schedule here.

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