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‘World’s On Fire’ Animated Music Video Coming Soon


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After a pretty long radio silence about upcoming music videos, Mike has announced that the next video will be for ‘World’s On Fire,’ and it will be animated, too!


The music video will premiere this Saturday, July 6 at the Crunchyroll Industry Panel for Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. For those who can’t be there, the event is being livestreamed here - the music video will play around 2:30 PST on Saturday.

EDIT: Mike confirms the video will be released on September 5th!


Mike shared the following sketch from the music video on his social media.



Who’s excited for the next music video? Back at the start of the Post Traumatic cycle, Mike said he’d release a music video for every single song. With ‘World’s On Fire’ joining the fray, that leaves ‘Hold It Together’ as the only song without a music video yet (not including bonus tracks ‘Prove You Wrong‘ and ‘What The Words Meant‘). Mike filmed at least one music video on this year’s European Tour back in March, so perhaps we’ll see the video for ‘Hold It Together’ sooner rather than later.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news, and follow our Instagram for loads of awesome Linkin Park content. While the rest of the summer currently seems to be quiet, Mike will resume the Post Traumatic Tour in September with another round of dates in Asia.

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- Mike said he grew up watching anime. When LP first starting becoming popular, it was when people started editing their own videos together. It took a lot more work to do it back then whereas it's really common now. Dragon Ball Z and stuff were edited to In The End, he talked about liking it a lot and seeing so many of the videos. He loved Akira, Metropolis, etc and mentions anime references in the In The End video done by Joe.


- World's On Fire video is still in production and being worked on. The first drawings were done by Mike on an iPad and on sketch paper while on tour for Post Traumatic. He met an artist called Sam Henry he is working with. It's a motion-style animation versus hand-drawn but it still looks hand drawn. Mike drew a lot of the creations himself for that... he'd draw and then send the creations over to them.


- Linkin Park never really expected to have this cross-culture situation going on with anime and the music. But once they realized it was there, they enjoyed it and it even encouraged them to make videos in that style themselves, like Breaking The Habit. They also put a lot of references around the same time in teh video for Somewhere I Belong.
- Mike showed some of the rough/simple sketches for the World's On Fire video. His kids influenced the two main characters, he drew them. Mike asks for names for the characters on social media and for fans to reach out with ideas. As far as the story goes, the girl has a superhero power and doesn't know how to control it. It's kind of funny, not super serious, but that's the basis for the video. Mike said he grew up drawing NES (Nintendo) games so you can see the influences in these characters from that.

- There are some "enemies" in the video, like the girl thinks she sees monsters everywhere. Mike shared the storyboard images from the video but says the video is still being made but isn't ready yet. The release date is being prepared for the end of the summer.


Full video thanks to LP Coalition!


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