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05.09.2000 - Unknown Roxy show


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A few months ago I found this:


One Video Closer

By wookubus

(3:07 AM PST 09/01/2000)

Linkin Park will be recording their show at the Roxy in Los Angeles on September 5th and will possibly using some of the live footage from it in the forthcoming video for their current single, "One Step Closer". The track is the first single from the groups upcoming debut album "Hybrid Theory" which was produced by Don Gilmore and will see a release on October 24th through Warner Bros.


At first, I thought that this source is unreliable, so I didn't pay any attention to this. There was no such show in the guide. Then I browsed through old archived LP fansites and found a broken link in Downloads section of one of them. The link says: LIVE | 09.05.00 Linkin Park - One Step Closer.ram


So they really filmed this video and showed it on TV. Does anyone have it?

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No I don't think this is a broadcast from the Roxy show. I watched "Nul Part Ailleurs" before (this TV show doesn't exist anymore), and I recognize the scene. Moreover it was a live TV show, so the date of the TV show is the same than the performance.


Anyway, very good perfromance from LP, a lot of energy in this video. I've already watched it on Youtube some months ago.

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It would make sense and clear things up nicely, but as said, Phoenix is in the NPA video and didn't rejoin the band until October. Plus the venue doesn't really look like the Roxy (compare it to the Collision Course DVD).


I actually remember finding an old MTV article from late 2000/early 2001 that linked to a live video of One Step Closer, but the link was dead. I have a feeling it was the video from this Roxy show, and it was probably posted on LP.com when it was still under construction, or perhaps even on the old Hybrid Theory site.

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It would make sense and clear things up nicely, but as said, Phoenix is in the NPA video and didn't rejoin the band until October.

Yeah, I don't know why I didn't pay attention to the presence of Phoenix during watching this video. lol

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Oh, we need find this video. If it was released on lp.com, it will be more easy maybe..


that's the second live footage from 2000 i've heard!



11.25.00/Toronto,ON/MuchMusic Break This/Live and Interviews/Proshot/10 mins/


and now this hee.. great

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Just find on this website: http://web.archive.org/web/20010306002204/...rt.net/main.htm


another possible link for this OSC video


On their media section videos says:


One Step Closer from linkinp.com

Lil LP Interview from linkinp.com

One Step Closer Live from linkinp.com

The website archive is from 03/2001, so it could be our osc live video!


but unfortunatelly, it doesn't work anymore






Live Performance of "One Step Closer"

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Keep trying to contact people. Here's the response I got from the girl.




Wow. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I was 14 when that site was created! That was 8-9 years ago. After that site, I had another one: www.linkinpark-x.com/ However, that site also died a long, long time ago.


Unfortunately, I did not keep anything LP-related when I abandoned my sites. I might have kept the videos (which were stored on my personal domain, www.acid-stars.com/) but a few years ago, I had a terrible experience with a host and lost all of my files. (And I don't do manual backups. I should probably start, though.)


If, through your research, you found that I was the only one who had this video, it's possible that it was mislabeled. I read through some of the comments to your post and it looks like people think the video is not what it claims to be. (Again, I was 14 at the time! I did not check my facts or my sources.)


So, basically, the answer is no. Unfortunately, I don't have that video :.. I'm sorry.


Take care,


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