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Kerrang Details the "Story of Linkin Park"


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The new edition of Kerrang features an in-depth look at Linkin Park's story. The magazine says, "Twenty years ago, Chester Bennington joined the ranks of a then-little-known LA quintet going by the name Xero. The name might soon change, but what Linkin Park would go on to achieve together during the next two decades would change not only their lives, but those of millions around the world. Over 28 pages, we celebrate the story, album by album, of a band like no other…"

The issue can be ordered here, and it ships globally: https://kerrang.newsstand.co.uk/

Since Kerrang obviously had to work with Linkin Park on this issue, we are expecting some good information to come from it!

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7 hours ago, lpliveusername said:

Not really. Some wrong info though.

That's disappointing and kind of lame honestly.

I appreciate the sentiment of what Kerrang has done, but at this point the info they would need is out there. Like Garret said, sometimes the band isn't the best at remembering details of their own history. Especially Mike, as he himself would admit lol.


I bought a copy on eBay. Won't have it for a few weeks, though.

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