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"Numb" Music Video Reaches 1 Billion Views


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After Chester Bennington's passing in July 2017, Linkin Park's very tightknit and dedicated community set out on a mission to help #MakeChesterProud by getting Meteora sensation "Numb" to one billion views on YouTube.


Behind the movement is the Facebook group "Linkin Park's Numb To A Billion Views!" with over 3,700 members of the Linkin Park fanbase. It took just over a year for them to reach their goal, as the video has now reached a billion views.



This is an extraordinary statistic for Linkin Park, who dominates the social media world for artists. Coming in as the number one band on Facebook and with one of the largest YouTube followings for a band, Linkin Park has a massive following online.


See, Linkin Park's YouTube account was not created until 2006, well after the chart topping singles from Hybrid Theory and Meteora exploded the music world. "Numb" was not even uploaded until 2007, almost four years after it was released. The channel is approaching 13 million subscribers and has over 6 billion views collectively amongst its uploads. In just July 2017, "Numb" received over 58 million views in one month.


Perhaps the most surprising stat about "Numb" is that it received over 100 million views in 2007 alone, the year it was uploaded. Compared to massive Minutes To Midnight lead single "What I've Done" having 36 million views in 2007... that is incredible. Linkin Park is the only band in the history of YouTube to have two videos in the top 5 of yearly music video views in the same year - ever ("Numb" and "What I've Done" in 2007).


Another shocking stat is that the video started at just around 600 million views in July 2017 when the Linkin Park community decided to rally around the song. Now, the time has finally come as it will reach 1 billion views any day now.


Filmed by Joe Hahn and shot in Prague and Los Angeles, the music video is considered one of Linkin Park's best. You can read more about the video on Linkinpedia, including funny facts about it (like the film Eurotrip being filmed in Prague at the same exact time) and other cool information.

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I guess I've finally come to realize Numb is their biggest song. For ages I assumed it was In The End, especially because it had two and a half years of growth before Numb was released.


Numb and In The End are definitely their two biggest songs. Everybody knows both and they're universally loved across the world. When they mashed Numb up with Encore with Jay-Z, it further catapulted the song, IMO. But Numb on it's own is their biggest song, for sure, that and In The End.

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