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Julien-K at One More Light II Memorial


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Yesterday, September 22, Julien-K performed at the One More Light II Memorial in honor of Chester Bennington in Alcatraz, Milan. The setlist included four Dead By Sunrise songs which were performed with local musicians on vocals. Check the videos below.



01. Analog Beaches & Digital Cities

02. Flashpoint Riot

03. Strange Invisible

04. Kick The Bass

05. Maestro

06. Photo Voltaire

07. Dossier

08. Deep Beat Overground

09. Blue Monday

10. Let Down

11. Morning After

12. Into You

13. Inside Of Me


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never really listened to Dead by Sunrise or Julian K because i'm not really into that music but any memorial is cool . the hollywood bowl linkin park show wont ever be topped but that is what everyone knows. any one who wants to do a memorial is cool .

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Ryan sings a good Let Down. I think he can do the rest of these. I bet at their London show he takes lead on the DBS tracks, they probably did guest singers just because it's a memorial event for Chester.

Yes, it was the second edition of this memorial, with a lot of cover bands, and this time the organizers managed to get Julien-K and added them as headliners!

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Half of these singers sound like they didn't even bother to learn the songs.

Especially the last one. By the way, their show was outstanding. Finally I was able to see them for very first time (and the guys are beautiful and humble people during the M&G event)

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