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It's Our Birthday!


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Get the candles and the party poppers out, it's LPLive's birthday!


12 years ago, on September 16, 2006, Mark and Jonas - known as Hahninator and AndOne respectively - started the site as a way of accurately documenting Linkin Park's live shows so the trading community could have an accurate source of information. Since then, we've expanded in both size and purpose; we have a huge community of almost 7,000 members, a great team from around the world, and a whole lot of LP news and content to provide.


12's not a big number (though LPLive hits those edgy teen years next year), but every new year that we can do this is a great step. None of us make any money from this, none of us get any special benefits outside the LP world for this. What we get is a connection with you, and to this music. This site has given all of us - team members and site members alike - opportunities with Linkin Park, with other fans, and these shows we love to cover that we like to think other fanbases just don't have. And most of all, this fanbase has proven that time and time again, when someone falls, we'll all pick them back up. Because that's who we are: LP Soldiers.


So, on our 12th birthday, from us to you, thank you for everything. We hope you'll stick around for another 12 years to come, and hopefully even more beyond that. We don't have any cake to offer, but feel free to check out a small gift LPLive style for everyone: a new Recording Of The Week in the form of an upgraded recording from Linkin Park's 2008 Milton Keynes show - the same one from the Road To Revolution DVD!


If you're new to LPLive (we know a lot of you come from Twitter and Facebook) - feel free to sign up to the forums and join the discussion! We have lots to offer - we're working on more and more exclusives to share with you all (some of them coming in the next few weeks in the form of Recording Of The Week). Over the 12 long years of running this site we've released a whole lot of exclusives for ya - all of which you can find on the Downloads page, ranging everywhere from never-before heard demos to unreleased live recordings. Join the forums and say hi! It'd be a nice birthday present to get a few new members ;)


For everyone else, be sure to follow us on social media: we're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Be sure to follow us on there for the latest news from the Linkin Park world. It's a bit of a quiet period right now, but in a few weeks, Mike's Post Traumatic Tour will start its long trek throughout North America, and we'll be bringing you all the first information from every show.


Let us know what you're favorite memories of being part of LPLive were below and help us relive some of those memories from the last 12 years!

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Happy Birthday LPLive!


I first visited this page in 2009 and became member in 2011. Since then I visit LPLive every day. Thank you for all the exclusives, the great community and the hard work in precisely covering everything of Linkin Park.


My best wishes for the next 12 years! :)


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It's absolutely amazing to see that people just don't lose interest in the band during over a decade now. It is so great to know that we people like Hahninator here who were active in 2006 and now, 12 years later, they still post threads every day.


The worst thing that can happen to a band is probably that the leadsinger dies... and that's just what happend to us. Though, we are still here and we cheer with the same passion for old LP music and new MS music day by day by day.. this is simply amazing.


And I am sure I can write exact this passage again when LPLive turns 20 :)


Thank you so much for existing and for letting me know every day that LP is a family and not only a bunch of people who like the music from a random band.

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