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2018.08.11 - Incheon, KR - Pentaport Rock Festival


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Show three of Mike Shinoda's Post Traumatic Asian Tour is already here, and this takes us to the first festival of the tour, where Mike will play at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival in Incheon, South Korea! This is an outdoor show at Pentaport Park, which can hold up to 50,000 people... so the exposure for Mike should be really good at this one.


Linkin Park has performed in South Korea a number of times, always in Seoul. Incheon is just outside of Seoul, only a few miles away, so Mike is familiar with the area. Their first performance there was in October 2003 to close the Asian Tour for Meteora.

Similarly, the second performance closed the Minutes To Midnight Asian Tour at the same venue in Seoul, in November 2007. The world tour for A Thousand Suns dropped by Seoul in September 2011, making a similar Hong Kong -> Seoul jump that Mike just made this tour. At that show, fans were treated to a rare performance of Burning In The Skies. The 2013 Living Things world tour was quite short and didn't make to many international places, so South Korea wasn't one of them and it also missed out for The Hunting Party too. This will be Mike's fourth time performing in South Korea.

As Mike ventures into the land of Joe Hahn, he will be performing a fifty minute set opening for none other than... Nine Inch Nails! Mike has been really vocal so far at the Post Traumatic Tour shows about performing mashups when he was younger, always mentioning Nine Inch Nails, Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, and more. We're not going to lie - we'd love to see a Mike Shinoda photo with Trent Reznor.

So far on this tour, we've seen Mike already change the set... toying with different ideas as he becomes more comfortable with the show. In Bangkok, he added Hands Held High verse one over the intro of Kenji, and also added Introduction -> Petrified to start the encore. Petrified is slightly different than the studio version, with a quicker start to the first verse and a different bridge (the studio outro is over the bridge now and the live outro is in its normal spot).

Remember Mike's poll in May before he started the tour? He polled fans asking what he should add to the setlists and the options were: Roads Untraveled, Sorry For Now, Petrified, and In Stereo. We pretty much are guessing the winners of these polls are just the FIRST SONGS to be added to the set and Mike will eventually squeeze the others in later. We're already up to three of those... In Stereo could be next. As Petrified is performed as just a track over the PA and with no backing band, it would be easy to rotate songs there. And look at us... already suggesting changes to the show and stuff... *cough*Looking For An Answer*cough*

If you're looking for a true highlight from Bangkok, it's Roads Untraveled. The video is already gathering quite a lot of views in one day and that's no surprise to us as it showcases Mike's (steadily and vastly improving) live singing voice very well. The song sounds massive live with the band members and it honestly can only make us think of what it would sound like with Linkin Park, if the band chooses to continue to perform live one day. Remember, this is the first tour ever with the song being performed IN FULL, and it sounds fantastic.

Mike's set at this show is from 19:40-20:30 (50 minutes) before Nine Inch Nails plays 21:30-23:00 (90 mins). Before Mike is Crossfaith, The Koxx, and some other Korean acts.


After this show, Mike jumps right over to China to start out the first of three shows in the country. This will be the first back-to-back shows on consecutive days for Mike on this tour as the Beijing, China show falls on the 12th. In terms of what we could see at this show, we expect this setlist to be similar to Camden, where Mike performed twelve songs, but with an additional five minutes, he can squeeze in another song or two. Look for this one to clock out at thirteen or fourteen songs.

Of course, always visit our Mike Shinoda tour page for the upcoming tour dates as well as past setlists on the tour. We'll be keeping you updated on Twitter (@lplive), Facebook (lplive1), and Instagram (@lplive) as well as the site on all the happenings for this tour.

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I am not 100% sure if this is a serious website, but it seems like there is going to be a livestream for Mike's show. (http://eventlist-euy.cf/festival.php?event=Incheon%20Pentaport%20Rock%20Festival%202018&festid=34137139&v=Incheon%2C%20Korea%2C%20Republic%20Of)


That site's fake. They pop up a lot for Asian and European festivals, just a bunch of pre-programmed comments in the chat to try and get your credit card info.

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Why they never show full shows like how Rock am Ring (except 2007 and 2012 for some reason) or other important festivals do?

It depends if the band or the label want it to be streamed.

Im just hope that summer sonic and reading streamed the wfull mike's set since isn't so long

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