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'Promises I Can't Keep' Video


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Mike has released a music video for 'Promises I Can't Keep!' It features a cool sidescrolling effect and is the next addition to the visual element for Post Traumatic.


What are your thoughts of the video? Mike has plans to make a music video for every song off of the album ('Brooding' could be next, as he's said recently he's working on a video for it), so what song are you excited to see a visual for? For all the updates on Mike and Linkin Park, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion on the band!

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Love it. Scrolling effect is great. Love how simple yet powerful his videos have been.


Brooding should be awesome. I don't know why but I'm envisioning something that's animated?

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This video is cool. We walked around this Santa Monica area, including the pier, the night before the STP one off 2016 show. This is where Ocean Avenue is, which is what the Yellowcard song is about.


And the pier is just a few blocks from the actual Lincoln Park (now Christine Reed Emerson Park, which should have been renamed in July 2017 to Linkin Park IMO) where Chester got the name for the band. Chester lived in this area. You can hear him talk about it at the Kings College London 2001 show where a fan in Santa Monica is actually at the show and gets into a discussion mid show with Chester about it lol.


It's funny how it has all come full circle.


Mark Fiore did a good job. It reminds me of Talking To Myself and on a smaller scale, Given Up. I'd like to see more videos from him. Mike is kind of "angry-aggressive" in this video which is cool to see.

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