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'Heavy' Nicky Romero Remix


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Remix season is coming through. Now, hopefully we won't be getting EPs full of 'Heavy' remixes like a certain other lead single, but a couple of notable ones will definitely be popping up given the song's popularity. The first one seems to be by EDM artist Nicky Romero.


One of EDM's most popular music festivals, Florida's Ultra Music Festival took place this weekend, and Nicky Romero closed out the Ultra Worldwide stage on the 25th. In the middle of his big set, he included a brand new remix, stating that "It wouldn't be Ultra Miami if there was no new music... this is the first time I've played the final version." That new music is his remix of 'Heavy.' His full set was uploaded to his YouTube channel, but if you don't want to listen to the entire thing, you can hear the remix at the 36:30 mark.


The Nicky Romero remix of 'Heavy' can be heard at around 36:30 in this video.

EDIT 4/21: The song has been officially released.


It will likely be a minute before this remix gets released - hopefully we won't have another 'Waiting For Tomorrow' situation going on - but we do know it's coming; Kiiara was actually at the festival and watched his set, and tweeted a video of the remix to the band, with both them and Chester liking the tweet, so we know it's legit. Stay up to date on the remix by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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