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'A Woman's Job' Theme By Mike Shinoda


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A six-episode Newsy Original Series hosted by Noor Tagouri called "A Woman's Job" will premiere this Wednesday. The series will showcase women succeeding in traditionally male-dominated fields.


But what does this have to do with Linkin Park? Well, the theme song of the show was composed by Mike Shinoda as announced by Tagouri in a recent tweet. This is the third time that theme music has been composed by Mike Shinoda for a TV show, coming after "This Is Life" and "Into The Badlands".


Watch the trailer below:


You can catch the series on Sling TV beginning on March 8th, 2017, airing at 8pm / 9pm ET. A premiere event and panel discussion will be hosted by Newsy at The National Press Club in Washington, DC on International Women's Day. You can register for the event here or here.


4/14 EDIT: The one minute theme song has been released.


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Yay, another Mike instrumental song that will never actually get released in an official/complete format...


I wish we can get all of the instrumental that Mike did for a tv shows (This is Life, Into the Badlands, A Woman's Job)

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Your wish is Newsy's command.


Definitely better than nothing, but given the 2005 VMAs situation, I'm not really inclined to believe that the full track is only a minute long. Same goes with the 30-second intro to Into the Badlands, and I know for a fact the theme for This Is Life is longer than the 30-second version in the show.


I just wish whenever Mike did a project like this, he'd take it upon himself to release the music in one way or another, because that's the only way we could really be sure.

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