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Linkin Park at the Whisky, February 28th


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As many of you have seen on social media, Linkin Park was set up at The Whisky in West Hollywood, CA today. Mercedes-AMG is turning 50 years old and is doing an all-day shoot with Linkin Park for some promotion. The final product of whatever they are filming for is unknown, but we'll likely see the band featured in some sort of Mercedes video soon.


Pictures can be seen here and here. Filming took place backstage, on the roof, and on the actual stage inside. Linkin Park posted on Snapchat and YouTube to show clips of the event.



One interesting thing shown by the clip on Snapchat is that the band performed the Reggae Version of Burn It Down again. This version has been played twice (KROQ 2013 Rehearsal for Sunset Strip Music Festival and the Amsterdam 2014 LPU Summit) before. As of right now, it is unknown if they performed anything else for the shoot.


We have added a show page, similar to the shooting of Powerless video on stage at the Berlin 2012 show. Of course, this doesn't factor into the LP show count / number of shows performed in 2017. That list is getting pretty technical...but we're slowly approaching Linkin Park's 1,000th show as a band.


Xero performed at The Whisky at least three known times, and Linkin Park performed there at least once (July 2000) after their name change from Hybrid Theory. This is the first known Linkin Park-related event at The Whisky since that time.

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Guys, they HAVE to keep playing Burn It Down, if only so we can see another one of these:



Man, this is probably the messiest performance in their whole career, so many mistakes haha I think that as long as Chester can sing it well they will keep playing this song

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