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Facebook Livestream Thursday - 1st Live Performance Of 2017?


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On the same day that the band's new single 'Heavy' featuring Kiiara is expected to be released, Linkin Park will be holding a special live broadcast on Facebook Live!


The stream is labelled as a "special live event," and you can access it from this link. The stream is expected to start at 12:10 PM PST, so be sure to get those reminders in and check your timezones. Here's a countdown timer if you want it!


We're not exactly sure what we can expect from this event, but we can take some good guesses. For one, the band has been rehearsing for more than a week now at Third Encore, with snippets of the band practicing posted on various members' social media. Just yesterday Mike played the intro to 'Heavy' on his Instagram story, while today on Joe's Instagram, you can see him messing around with samples from 'Lost In The Echo.'


It seems likely that this will be a live performance, making it the band's first performance since November 2015 (not counting Chester and Joe's short bout in China last year). Live shows are what we're all here for, first and foremost, so let's get speculating - what song's will we see? Will we hear 'Heavy' played for the first time ever? Will the band bring out some random older cuts to add to the set? Will we see a full set or a short set (like 2012's Rio+Social event)? There's lots of possibilities, so let us know what you think!


Check out this performance of 'Numb' from the Rio+Social event. Also performed that session were two then-new songs from Living Things, 'Burn It Down' and 'Lies Greed Misery.'

As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page so you can get the latest information about the band. We'll keep bringing updates about the livestream as they come. Let us know what you think the band are going to do!

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Thanks for showing us something we would love but lp would probably never do lol


LP isn't a jam band, that may be a big part of why it won't happen. Foo Fighters on the other hand, those dudes JAM. I've seen numerous foo's members live in other bands and those dudes love to improvise and just rock out to songs on the fly. Great musicians.

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LP isn't a jam band, that may be a big part of why it won't happen.

I think they are kind of a jam band actually, since they improvise a lot of comedy kind of songs (many LPTV and LPU episodes are dedicated to those kind of songs), and play their own songs in other styles (like BID reagge version). In addition their music is partially written in a jam kind of fashion, especially THP. Of course they aren't the best improvisators, just listen to Brad's Faint solo.

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