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Mike Live Chat Update


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Mike just went live on Facebook for fans, and you can view the video on his page when it's uploaded here.


A few updates:

- Phoenix apologized to Mike for hinting at a specific month that the album would be out. As of right now, they do not have a definite date.

- The band is going to do a bigger video update soon with more band members present and give more information on the album because they are at the point where they can provide more info to the fans.

- Mike intends on making new Fort Minor music. There are several hip hop oriented tracks in consideration for the new Linkin Park album, but Mike said he has some ideas/seeds already for new FM songs in the future. Right now, he's been focused on making the LP album first.

- Mike will perform more Fort Minor shows during the upcoming Linkin Park tours. He is able to do 1-2 more shows per week than the rest of the band, so he will use that time to play as Fort Minor.


The band sounds like they are getting near the end of the recording process, so the album news cycle should begin in the next few months.

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At this point, I'm more interested in the next touring cycle. The album will come when it comes. But I hope they start announcing tour dates soon for next year. As for the studio update, I''m sure it won't be too exciting, but you never know. It's cool that they're basically finished with drums. Nearing completion more and more, obviously. As for the FM stuff, I don't really care. More shows would be cool, if not, doesn't really bother me.

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The album news cycle is just awesome, i can't wait for it to start for real.

Having GATS released suddenly was cool, but i enjoy much more when there's hype to build. I really hope they do some kind of puzzle, treasure hunt, ARG... it's always fun to unite the fandom like that.



Both The Catalyst and Burn It Down puzzles were cool, releasing little individual sounds from the songs.

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It's possible that they do a small (European one) tour between single and album releases, as they did with LT and THP?
If yes, and they will start to perform only in March or after, the album will drop only in April or later, or I'm just messing up the things?

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