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2015.11.07 - Anaheim, CA - BlizzCon (+ Livestream)


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Linkin Park takes the stage for their second show out of three in November 2015 when they headline Anaheim, CA's BlizzCon on November 7th. This is the band's first time at BlizzCon and the show comes after a week break since they headlined Monster Mash in Arizona. Previous BlizzCon headliners include Metallica and Blink 182.

Hailing from California, Linkin Park has played all over the state. Anaheim is just south of Los Angeles and has only hosted the band twice before - both at the same venue. Anaheim's Arrowhead Pond (now the Honda Center) hosted the Family Values Tour in 2001, which there is a great recording of. Staind's Aaron Lewis comes out on One Step Closer as Linkin Park plays a great 45 minute setlist, complete with Step Up and Pushing Me Away.

The next show in Anaheim is probably one of the most famously known shows across the fanbase that LP has ever played - Music For Relief 2005. Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Chali 2na on Frgt/10's only live performance ever, and an incredibly high-energy, epic 50 minute set...easily one of the coolest shows we've ever seen by the band. It took us many years to track down the recording, but we finally posted it for Christmas 2012. If you haven't seen this show, definitely take an hour to rock out to it.

This will be show number three in Anaheim for Linkin Park. They play a LOT of shows in California, but this is actually the first show there since KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014. This is the LATEST in any calendar year in the band's existence for them to play California (of which they toured).

Linkin Park is nearing their 100th concert in California in the history of the band. They have about 93 or so shows in the state (not counting rehearsals or awards shows) and will hit 100 next touring cycle. We'll do an in-depth post about the exact number and which show will truly be the 100th when they announce tour dates in 2016. What's important is that they aren't at 100 yet, but they will be there soon. If we counted correctly, this is California show number 94.

The Monster Mash show was the last true headlining show of the world tour for The Hunting Party. Both the BlizzCon show and the Relief Live! show are pretty exclusive events. When Linkin Park was announced for BlizzCon, tickets ($199) were already sold out. We're unsure if any Linkin Park fans are even able to get into this show, unless they find someone reselling a BlizzCon ticket. Relief Live! is a $250 event, which is also sold out.

At the Monster Mash show (celebrated by LP dressing up in full Halloween attire), the band intended on performing their full headlining setlist. However, they dropped three songs at the last minute as they ended up only having a 90 minute set time. These songs were LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent, Breaking The Habit, and Darker Than Blood. This is actually the first time on the world tour for The Hunting Party that LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent had been dropped from the setlist and comes as a surprise since the 90 minute setlist previously dropped Points Of Authority and Final Masquerade, both of which were played at Monster Mash. For BlizzCon, they will also get around 90 minutes. We are unsure if they'll try to perform that full setlist or if they'll end up cutting songs again.


Maybe something else will even happen. Joe's DJ tech, Warren, tweeted out, "Just finished a special surprise for the Blizzcon show this weekend."

Good news! The show is being streamed online, so this will be the first Linkin Park webcast since Beijing, China in July. Sadly, the entire European Tour went by without a single webcast, even though Pukkelpop could have probably webcasted Linkin Park if they had set it up earlier with the band. Anyway, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is an astounding $39.99 meaning that this is a paid webcast. It's mainly meant for those who want to watch the entire BlizzCon event instead of just Linkin Park, so we understand if you think it's a lot. Don't worry as there will probably be recordings on YouTube, torrents, etc after the show. For those of you who want to tune in, here's the information...

Livestream Info



The date of November 7th is also important in the world of Linkin Park because TWO LPU Summits have been held on this date before. LPU Summit #7 was held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012 and LPU Summit #12 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands last year.

After this show, Linkin Park finishes their year off with an intimate Relief Live! performance in Los Angeles on November 14th. That should be the last performance of 2015, which comes after a canceled North American Tour, a few North American Summer Shows, short tours in China and Europe, and these few November shows. For the full 2015 tour schedule, click here.

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