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Joe Flies Home


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Before the Berlin show, fans were told at the LPU Meet & Greet that Joe had to tend to a family emergency at home and had to leave the tour. It is currently unknown if he will be back for the final two shows of the tour in Düsseldorf or Roma, but it is unlikely since the tour ends in less than 48 hours. This was the first show Joe has ever missed in his live career with Linkin Park.


In response to this, the band dropped Joe's Solo Medley from the setlist. They didn't replace it with anything, for those of you wondering if anything else got added to the show. Warren Willis, his DJ tech, filled in for him at the show.


With Joe missing a show, this leaves Rob, Chester and Mike as the only three members that haven't missed a show with Linkin Park before. The entire band had perfect attendance until 2011. Phoenix broke the streak in Bangkok in 2011 when he had food poisoning, and Brad missed two promo shows in Japan in 2012 for Living Things.


Brad came VERY close to missing the St. Petersburg 2014 show due to a back injury, which was his tech Benjamin's third show with the band ever...surely a very nerve wrecking moment. Benjamin went as far as to "warm up" with Mike backstage before the show but Brad luckily was able to play at the last second, propping himself up against Joe's part of the stage for a few shows.


Later that year, Brad missed two shows in Brazil due to an ear infection and also missed Rock on the Range earlier this year due to a personal family matter.

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With Joe missing a show, this leaves Rob, Chester and Mike as the only three members that haven't missed a show with Linkin Park before.


At the same time, are they the only three members that cannot be filled with someone else? Mike and Chester for sure, but what about Rob? Could be filled if he has to miss a show?


Anyway, hope everything is okay for Joe, and of course i hope to see him at Rock In Roma.

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Yes, I think Rob is irreplaceable. Or they'd have to drop songs, at least. I bet it'd be hard for someone to know all of his parts of the songs as well as how to start the songs. The fact is, those three might not be replaceable at all and those three are the ones that would cause a show to be canceled, but no one vibes on stage as well as all 6 members. I was really unimpressed with the Rock on the Range show with no Brad.

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The only members that are irrireplacable are Mike and Chester. Unless they had someone fill in all the vocal parts, which they wouldn't. Rob would be hard but I think he could be temporarily replaced.

I've seen bands get a singer from another band to fill in if their's had to miss a few shows before. Maybe LP is considered "too big" of a band for something like that, but it's not unprecedented.

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