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Fort Minor: 2015.09.02 - Berlin, Germany


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Lucky, lucky Berlin. Before Linkin Park performs in a jam-packed arena on September 3, Fort Minor scales it back to perform at the Kesselhaus on September 2. This is the second of four European shows Fort Minor will be performing along Linkin Park's The Hunting Party European Tour, which is coming to a close soon.

Back in the heyday of The Rising Tied, Fort Minor never had a true European Tour. On its first Promotional Tour (which started just a little over a decade ago!), Fort Minor performed at a handful of dates across Europe (their debut performance was at the Pukkelpop festival, in fact - Linkin Park just headlined it recently!). This included two dates in Germany - the Highfield festival in Hohenfelden and a headlining show in Hamburg. The Highfield performance was only Fort Minor's third ever performance, so they kept it relatively small - playing songs from The Rising Tied like 'Remember The Name' and 'Petrified', 'Dolla' from the We Major mixtape, and even some older Linkin Park tracks: 'It's Goin' Down' and 'Enth E Nd'. When they returned a few months later to Hamburg in November, the show was turned up a notch. By then, more members of the group were added onstage (including backup vocalists and members of Black Violin) and the setlist had been expanded. The Rising Tied classics like 'In Stereo' and 'Believe Me' were added, and even a shortened version of 'Numb/Encore' was brought out to open the encore! 'Petrified' had to be stopped and restarted so that Mike could pump up the crowd. Berlin, are you ready to add to Fort Minor's history?

A couple of you may recognize the name of the venue. That's because it's a pretty famous venue in terms of Linkin Park - that's where the first show of the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle took place! The band brought out some surprises, like opening with 'One Step Closer' with a new intro and new tracks like 'No More Sorrow' and 'Given Up'. Due to the band adding a new outro to 'Faint' and promising a fan that he could come up and play guitar on it, Mike flipped things up on the spot - instead of traditionally playing 'Faint', the band performed a quick mashup of the song and 'There They Go' by Fort Minor so that the fan could play with them (since no one had heard the new outro before). We'll talk about Linkin Park's history in Berlin in tomorrow's preshow post- it's Fort Minor time, baby!

Since 'Welcome' was released, this will be Fort Minor's third full performance, and things are already changing! For the first time ever, Mike held a poll to see what song fans would like to hear at the show, which contained 'Right Now', 'Red To Black', 'Second To None', 'High Voltage', and 'Step Up'. Quite a fine selection - check out our rundown of the tracks here. It really is a good selection - we wouldn't complain about any of the songs being picked! And by the looks of it, Mike has picked the winner. It's almost cryptic, as Mike included a cheeky 'with a twist' at the end of his caption. Perhaps he picked the Top 2 songs? Maybe he even remixed one, or will even try out a mashup! When he updated us, 'High Voltage' was in a clear lead. Absolutely nothing wrong with that - it was one of the best live songs of 2001! While it seems likely that's the song that was chosen, we'll have to wait and see!

Even though the setlist is already being changed, there was hardly any demand for it - it's a pretty awesome set to begin with! Containing fan favorite Fort Minor songs like 'Petrified', 'Where'd You Go', and 'In Stereo', a new, rock version of 'Dolla', rare Linkin Park song 'It's Goin' Down', epic mashups of 'Castle Of Glass' and 'Kenji', 'Waiting For The End' and 'Hands Held High', and 'Believe Me' and 'When They Come For Me', and so much more, it's hard to even pick out the most memorable moment from the shows! Mike remixed several songs (which will exclusively be performed live - if you want to see the remixes, you have to see a show!): 'Cigarettes', the M. Shinoda remix of 'Castle Of Glass' from Recharged (remix-ception!), 'Believe Me', and even 'Introduction', all of which are epic in their new forms. Several songs received their live debuts in the new show, including 'Cigarettes', 'Kenji', the studio version of 'Until It Breaks', 'Introduction', and 'Devil's Drop'. With the inclusion of 'Devil's Drop' in the setlist, it makes it the first (and only) song from the MALL Soundtrack to be performed live. The encore is no laughing matter either - it takes each show out with a bang with 'Welcome' and 'Remember The Name' triumphantly closing the set. The set is one of the most interesting we've ever seen, and with the addition of a new song it can only get better!

Check out this audience recording of Fort Minor's recent show in Copenhagen, taken by our staff member Wilderness - a great recording of a great show! This is the energy and atmosphere you can expect in Berlin - maybe it'll even be grander!


Who will be heading to the show? RSVP in the Roll Call thread, maybe jam with a few LPLive members at the show! Our admin AndOne will be going, be sure to say hi if you see him! After this show, Linkin Park performs at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei the next day. Both Linkin Park and Fort Minor will be performing at the Rock im Sektor festival in Düsseldorf - Mike won't be playing 'Remember The Name' and 'Welcome' twice that night, so he's still working on a replacement for them during LP's set. Maybe he'll play the song that won the poll instead! Fort Minor has one final appearance of their short European Tour, in London on September 8. Don't miss out if you have the chance!


Be sure to sign our Live Releases / #LPDSP campaign if you're a fan of Linkin Park's live releases! In 2013, the band stopped releasing bootlegs of their shows for fans to buy and download to listen to from their own homes due to lack of interest and promotion. We're working on getting them back, but we can't without your help! The band is 100% on board with the idea, but the label, WBR, is the one keeping them back. If we get enough signatures, we think we'll be able to show the label that we CAN bring them back successfully! Sign our petition here, and be sure to share it around on social media with the hashtags #NobodysListening and #LPDSP!


Stay caught up with everything Linkin Park and Fort Minor by keeping up with LPLive on social media! Like our Facebook page, and follow our Instagram for awesome pictures of the band! For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here, and check out Fort Minor's touring schedule here.

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Man what a crazy turn of events, I am so hyped but so jealous at the same time. I would love to see Fort Minor live, I really hope Mike has a tour even a mini one in the usa, I will travel to where ever needed to see at least 1 show.


Crosses fingers for St. Louis Missouri!!

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Actually Jonas tweeted 40 mins ago that it starts in 30 minutes haha so maybe I'm wrong! Mike started 20 mins late in Copenhagen.

That was what i was referring to in the first place but then i checked the ticket info and it says 20:00


My friend said Mike was still late at 20:30 lol

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