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2015.08.29 - Moscow, Russia - Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy


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Feels like it's bee awhile since I did a preshow post, even though it's only been a few days. Let's get back into it!


We're already halfway into the final major leg of The Hunting Party World Tour, with Linkin Park crushing it throughout Europe. The sixth show of the tour is happening in Moscow, Russia, on August 29, 2015 at the Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy. This will be the band's second time playing there this cycle!


Linkin Park is no stranger to Moscow. This show will mark the band's fifth performance there! The band's first performance there was in 2007, which was the band's second show in Russia (the first being the day prior in St. Petersburg). The band performed a great show, and Chester even jumped onto the speakers during 'Papercut'! The band returned in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns World Tour, to perform their famous Red Square show for the Transformers 3 Premiere. 'New Divide' opened the show, with a brand new intro promptly dubbed the "Moscow Intro" - it was only played once more before disappearing completely after that! A fun fact about the show is that the DSP for it was released for free, and also contained one of the only instances where 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' was included on a 2011 DSP (they had to stop including the song on those releases due to copyright issues).


The band returned to Moscow in 2012 at the start of the Living Things World Tour, performing at the Maxidrom festival. Two new Living Things songs were performed there: 'Burn It Down' and 'Lies Greed Misery', while a bunch of old favorites had just returned to the setlists, like 'A Place For My Head' and 'With You'. The band's most recent show there happened earlier on The Hunting Party Tour in 2014, the fourth show on the entire cycle. 'Guilty All The Same', 'Wastelands', and 'Until It's Gone' were the three songs performed from the album, but a bunch of different tracks were still fresh off the burner, too, like 'Robot Boy', Joe's solo, and Mike's solo. Speaking of Mike's solo, this was the first show at which he started changing the verses! Instead of the 'Skin To Bone' Remix verse, he rapped the first verse of 'When They Come For Me' for the first time instead. The legacy continues tonight!


Linkin Park's Moscow-native fans are known for a certain quality: flashmobs. Every show since 2011 has featured some sort of interesting flashmob organized by the fans there. 2011 was the first major one, where fans held up signs that said "Wisdom", "Justice", and "Love" during - you guessed it - Numb 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love'. 2012's show saw fans take a more humorous route, holding up signs saying "*insert band member name here* is sex" during multiple songs. After 'From The Inside', Mike remarked that, "We're not 100% you know what those words mean." Take notes, other countries. You have to top THAT. 2012 actually had TWO different flashmobs - during 'The Catalyst', or, more specifically, the bridge of 'The Catalyst', fans let go of golden balloons, creating quite a beautiful scene. 2014 was no different, with fans throwing pillows onstage during 'Faint'. Mike even picked up a few and threw them back into the crowd! What does Moscow have in store for the band tonight? The last show of the tour, in Minsk, Belarus (the band's first show there!), had fans in the front row wearing masks during 'Final Masquerade', but that's a much smaller scale as compared to Moscow flashmobs. We'll see what happens!


Skip to the end to see Mike react to the "*blank* is sex" flashmob in Moscow 2012!

As for the setlist, at this point we can say with certainty that the setlist will remain the same for the rest of the European shows (with one exception). Rob said at the Minsk M&G that that band has stopped rotating setlists, he thinks because of the production. Don't fear - he's pretty certain that they'll return to rotating sets on the next cycle (which is just on the horizon). That brings us to the show that might have an exception to the "same-setlist rule". The band will be performing at the Rock im Sektor festival in September in Dusseldorf, Germany. The thing is, both Fort Minor and Linkin Park will be performing at the event. At the Minsk M&G, Mike said that he won't perform 'Welcome' and 'Remember The Name' twice that night - since it'd make more sense to perform them during the Fort Minor set (we can't give them too much credit on thinking logically just yet, though [i'm kidding, I love you Mike (please don't hurt me)]), Mike's still deciding what they'll do in place of the Fort Minor songs in the Linkin Park set later in the night. Any guesses? Sadly, that won't be happening at this show and we'll probably see the same setlist we've been seeing. Though, if enough fans hold up a sign that says "APFMH IS SEX", who know's what's possible? Get on it, Moscow.


Something noteworthy about Moscow is that it will be the only city the band has played in that will have seen every full song from The Hunting Party that was performed live. 'Guilty All The Same', 'Wastelands', and 'Until It's Gone' were all performed in 2014, and the band is likely to perform 'Rebellion', 'Final Masquerade', and 'A Line In The Sand' at this show to make the feat happen. Berlin will come close, being denied the accomplishment because when the band visited there in 2014, they did not perform the full version of 'Until It's Gone', but rather the shortened version. Lucky Moscow!


Fort Minor is back on the road, with Mike performing four solo shows throughout Europe. The first of these shows just happened the other night in Denmark. Mike performed the same set as he did in Los Angeles in June in the tiny, apparently sweaty club in Copenhagen. While there were no surprises, the show still went huge (and we haven't had enough FM shows happen yet to get sick of the setlist) and was nothing short of epic. Our staff member Wilderness headed to the show (before Mike so rudely announced a show in his country of England AFTER he'd booked an expensive trip to Copenhagen (mike pls dont hurt me)) and managed to take a great shot of the show from the pit. Check it out! Fort Minor has three shows left on the tour: Berlin, Rock im Sektor, and London.


Who's heading to the show? After this, the band has a day off before giving The Hunting Party Tour it's Nordic debut in Finland, then takes a three day break before wrapping the tour up in Germany and Italy. Fort Minor plays the day before Linkin Park does in Berlin. After this tour, the band has a single show left on the cycle: in Tempe, Arizona for the Monster Mash at the beginning of November. There are, however, rumors that the band may be doing a few club shows for the 15 year anniversary of Hybrid Theory... stay tuned for that. In other Linkin Park news, the 'Darker Than Blood' Remix EP is out now, so be sure to grab that. Don't miss the new LPTV, featuring the first half of the band's tour in China.


Keep up with Linkin Park news by keeping in touch with LPLive on social media! Like our Facebook page, and follow our Instagram for awesome pictures of the band. For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter.


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here.

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I think they're gonna do a "Welcome" flashmob, the same as in Poland, because they were so pissed off after we did this in Rybnik. Saw a lot of comments "we will be better", "they stole our idea" etc

Well, you should admit that Welcome flashmob idea is pretty obvious. In Belarus there also was a Welcome flashmob.


Why Russians are like "we need more flashmobs, we need to be the best"? Why they cannot just enjoy the show?

I agree here. I think that nowadays flashmobs are overrated. Back in years it was cool and original, but now it looks like everyone is concerned about flashmobs instead of having fun and singing at the show. Some of them are great, though.


Personally, i'd prefer everyone in the crowd to sing every song with the band and have fun.


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^yes, that "Wisdom, Justice and Love" flashmob was fucking great, but... Pillows? Seriously?

In Poland we're doing flashmobs, but it isn't the most important thing. The most important thing for us is enjoying the show (have you seen snapchats from Rybnik?) and it should be also important to people from other countries.



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So, i guess the band was still very impressed with the flashmobs in Moscow.


Chester joined Mike for end of Welcome.


Got a full show recorded with the same player as Minsk. Hope it sounds fine.

Also a almost non stop video from the front row up until Faint, when my battery died :(

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