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2015.08.27 - Minsk, Belarus - Minsk Arena (+1st LPL MeetUp)


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Hello everybody. My name is Nikita Gluzdakov and this is my first pre-show post on LPL! It is dedicated to the first Linkin Park concert in Minsk. Where should I start?


First, I want to say a huge thanks to our organizers, Atom Entertainment agency. Let me tell you in secret: only thanks to them, Linkin Park are coming to Minsk. However, also, I want to mention the high price of tickets for the LP concert in Minsk. In the average, ticket costs $110. Not everyone in Minsk can afford to pay $110 for a concert of your favorite band. Nevertheless, almost all of the tickets were sold out: Fan Zone, GA. The only remaining tickets are seats in some of the sectors.


In Minsk, the band will play a concert in support of «The Hunting Party» album. This will be the 5th concert of LP in the last «The Hunting Party» touring cycle. The other day, in Rybnik, Poland, the guys played their first non-festival concert on the tour, unfortunately with the same setlist as the previous shows. Apparently, the group prepared a setlist for the whole European leg of «The Hunting Party» tour, including festivals. If you're interested, here's the trailer for the concert in Minsk, which was broadcast on local TV channels in Belarus.



A few days ago, Meet & Greet contest results were announced, unfortunately I was not selected.

Initially, Jack Action was supposed to be the opening band before LP in Minsk. But at the last minute they changed their decision and now they will be playing before Metallica in Moscow on the same day. After that, our organizers have arranged a competition among Belarusian bands to play before LP. The winner is - Rili Dope. They will be opening the Linkin Park show in Minsk.


Today we'll be holding the very first LPLive Meetup at the TNT Rock Club in Minsk! If you're heading to that show, be sure to check out our event and meet some LPL friends!


Also, don't miss Joe's LPU VyRT chat on August 27, before the show in Minsk! Prepare your questions for him!


For this event, I will restore my twitter, where you will be able to follow the updates from the show.


Anyone from LPL who’s going to the show?

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Updated the contest winner for the opening band.

It will be a band called Rili Dope.


Their vocalist, Dmitry was performing Linkin Park covers together with North Aurora band on today's LPL MeetUp.


Last photo from left to right:

Nikita (Sucre06), Nikita (previously known as Topt), Sergii (SergSlim).



Linkin Park crew came to the same club, where the LPL Pre-party was held.

We saw Ben, Ted and few other guys.






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The show was amazing! Maybe I'll write more comprehensive review later (but i doubt it :) )



Some notes from LPU M&G:

- Sergei counted 60 people selected for M&G (not counting people with premium packages)

- Rob doesn't really now the exact reason why they stopped rotating setlists, his guess is that the reason is tour production issues. He expects band to start rotating setlists again in a future. He admitted that it might be not so cool for fans traveling to visit a few LP shows, but they tried to come up with their best set to play for local fans, and he also feels awkward to play the same songs again and again.

- Sergei asked Brad about the exact release date of HT EP (original), he was trying to remember the date but failed :) He only said that it was 2000 for sure.

- Mike has no idea yet what will be included in LPU 15 CD.

- Mike won't play Welcome/RTN in Dusseldorf twice. He's still figuring out what he can do there. However, he did not confirmed that we might expect new songs added instead of Welcome/RTN.

That's the most interesting from questions me and Sergei asked. I guess he might provide some updates later.


Funny show note:

- There was a flashmob on Final Masquerade. People with first row tickets were wearing masks. After the song Mike started to joking on Rob - he asked Chester to grab one mask for Rob since he wants them bad :)


Post-show notes:

- Pooch knows about petition. I told him that he should sign it and he said that he did already. He said that the reason why they stopped releasing them is Warner, and now Mike trying to do something about it (i'm not sure that this Mike part is correct, maybe he was talking about something else - i hope Sergei can clarify this).

- Pooch doesn't now if FM shows are recorded.


Other notes:

- LP's tech crew put Belorussian flag on Mike's keyboards. Due to unknown reason flag was removed ~10 minutes after, even before LP's set started

- There were ~13500 people at the show. Around 200 hundred tickets were not sold.

- There were 2 types of GA tickets. Originally, on all arena plans the whole standing area was divided in 3 parts - for people with First Row tickets (fan-zone, closest to the stage, ~162-170$), GA1 (~110-115$), GA2 (~77-80$). However, due to unknown, there was no fencing/guards between GA1 and GA2. This fact caused the wave of discontent. Currently people who bought GA1 tickets trying to reach out to organizers to clarify the situation, someone insists on moneyback (at least the difference between GA1/GA2 tickets). I'll try to provide more info on this.
My comment: show organizer has a decent reputation. This whole situation is pretty awkward.


Also, I'd like to say a huge thanks to all those guys i met - Sergei (SergSlim), Sergei (from LPCatalog.com), Nikita (Sucre06) and everyone else - you guys are awesome and it was a true pleasure meeting and hanging out with you.


Some photos attached - random stuff, tickets, concert photo shoot agreement (someone might find interesting this document), vinyl i signed, etc. I wasn't really taking much photos, hope Sergei will upload more.









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Setlist pic. Also, Ted was wearing our mask before Bleed It Out and for a minute was joking with Dave before giving him bass


Some guy said that band discovered fake discs selling on merch, so they took pics of them. I don't know if that's really confirmed

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Some guy said that band discovered fake discs selling on merch, so they took pics of them. I don't know if that's really confirmed

Yep, they were selling Living Things CD/DVD combo (Rock In Rio DVD :D). The info about taking photos with merch is probably fake.

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Glad you had fun! Lots of info here, looks great. I'll sort it out.


The bit about the rotating setlists is interesting. So Rob wants to rotate them and thinks maybe the production is holding them up from changing it. Hopefully in 2016 they rotate again.


I discussed the petition with Pooch at ROTR in May...I've been shooting it back and forth with staff trying to figure out when to do it. I have an update from Mike about it I need to post. Anyway Pooch signed it and shared it for us. It sounds like he got my email before you talked to him as it's solely a WBR issue and Mike is on board with doing it again.


The M&G...wow 60 people, that's like double what they usually do. Makes me kind of disappointed ROTR had 30 apply and 25 spots were given. Odd about the flag on the stage.

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I'll probably add more info later... Also, most likely there'll be a multicam version of the show - i know for sure that some people were filming specifically to make a multicam later.

Another multicam from the tour? Nice ;)

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Sucre did a decent audio recording of the whole show with my Cowon J3 player. Sounds really nice, in my opinion.


Will release it later.


Also all my photos, notes etc will be later, probably after September 3rd, when i come back home.

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